Are you looking forward to the next installment of Euphoria Season 2? Are you wondering about the actor is who plays in the role of younger Cal Jacobs character? Are you curious about his character? If so, you should check out the article.

The next installment of Euphoria Season 2 is set to include Young Cal Jacob. Fans of Euphoria all over the world particularly from America and Canada, especially in the United States and Canada would like to learn more about the actor portraying Young Cal. So, in this blog post we’ll talk about Elias Kacavas Euphoria who is playing his Cal Jacobs role.

What exactly is Euphoria?

Euphoria is a teen-oriented tv drama written and directed by American filmmaker Sam Levinson. The show airs by HBO, the American broadcaster HBO. Levinson was influenced by an Israeli mini-tv drama called Euphoria and developed the American version on the mini-tv series.

The show on television is starring Zendaya for the lead character along with other supporting actors including Alexa Demie Agnus Cloud, and Eric Dane. The premiere of the first season was on the 16th of June, 2019 The second season Euphoria began on January 9th, 2022.

Before learning the details regarding Elias Kacavas Euphoria let us talk about the plot of the popular teen television series Euphoria.

The plot in The TV Series Euphoria?

The storyline of the television drama series Euphoria is based on the students of the high school Rue Bennett. Through the TV series, Sam Levinson has shown the everyday life of students at high school as they navigate American society.

The drama for teens shows the struggles teenagers face as they find their identity, the challenges teens face, and the ways they deal with the trauma. The award-winning drama also examines friendship, love and relationships among teenagers.

What are Elias Kacavas Euphoria?

According to reports this high-school version of Cal Jacob is played by an actor with the theater. The actor who plays the role is not but Elias Kacavas. He is set to appear in the 4th episode of Euphoria Season 2, and the title of the episode is You Who Do Not See. Imagine Those Who Could.

Based on Elias Kacavas IMDb profile, Kacavas hails from Manchester, which is a city located in the US state of New Hampshire. There are two brothers in his family that include a younger brother and an identical twin, however the names of their siblings aren’t available. It is also known that Kacavas is of Greek origins.

Elias Kacavas Euphoria was a drama student in the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. He was then enlisted to become an actor-in-training in the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Kacavas was let go after two years of filming his professional performance as a TV actor for Euphoria Season 2 and the new Drama series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.


Fans of Euphoria know the father of Nate Jacob Cal Jacob, has an extensive past. Therefore, it would be fascinating to witness the high school of the 90s time period of Cal as well as his fellow classmates.