Do you know what caused the death of Paul Hannam, Doctor? Many social media users from Canada tried to find the cause and manner in which Dr Hannam died. His close friends and relatives were shocked to hear of his sudden death.

Many people are shocked to hear this, since Dr Hannam was not ill and was only fifty years of age. People from his family and friends have sent condolence messages and are participating in activities discussed in Dr Hannam’s Obituary. Continue reading this article for more information on Dr Hannam.

Hannam Life, Career and Age:

Dr Hannam was an American physician who was born in Vancouver, near British Columbia University. He was 50 years old when he was born in 1971. Hannam married Rosemary, his school friend, in 1996 while he was studying at the University.

He was also a skilled sportsman. In 1996, he represented the country at the Atlanta sailing competition. Paul’s studies in emergency medicine at University of Toronto were completed by the couple after a period of time.

Dr Paul Hannam Obituary

Paul’s sudden death has been deeply felt by his relatives, friends, and family. Dr Paul’s close family members and relatives have shared their memories of him on social media to remember his passing.

O’Shea, O’Shea’s message said that Dr Paul was a hockey player with his son. It gave him the opportunity to meet Dr Hannam. Hannam was great at listening and sharing stories. He will always cherish the memories of them meeting and shares his deep grief at the loss.

Tash Stewart and her family have planted trees in honor of Dr Paul’s funeral. Dr Paul Hannam Obituary Meredith Johnson, a friend, also offered deepest condolences to the Rosemary family at this difficult time.

Paul Hannam Causes for Death:

Many of his coworkers recognized Dr Paul’s contribution during the corona panic. He helped to build his team, and kept them motivated. His colleague remembers him being a motivator, since the last two years of working in PPE were very hard.

His death was caused by sudden cardiac arrest during an early morning fun run. His friend, and colleague, have lost an amazing man and their personality.

Dr Hannam Obituary about his Death Service.

  • People will come together to honour his memory at 12-3 in Vancouver on Wednesday 27th July.
  • North York General Hospital in Toronto will commemorate his life on August 4th at 5:00 PM.
  • Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians is creating a national award to honor the memory of Dr Hannam.

Final verdicts

Dr Paul is deeply missed because of his hard work, and contributions during the coronavirus panademic. Dr Hannam Obituaryfeels the loss is irreparable, and will be greatly missed by his family for a prolonged period. Our condolences go out to the family and the deceased soul.

You can send Dr Hannam a condolence message. Leave your thoughts and opinions about Hannam’s death in the comments section.