Roblox released the game called disaster city. The name implies that this game has to be in the category of survival. Many people play video games to relax and to have fun playing games with friends. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality make it possible.

If you’re from the region of the United Statesand searching for codes for cities in disaster ,you are at the right spot.

What’s a disaster city?

Roblox’s city of destruction is a game for video created in collaboration with Fridge Pig Studios. The game came out in early 2021. This is in April 2021. This survival game is very popular among players. The players must survive the apocalypse within this challenge.

The players can earn badges and many more prizes or rewards. Furthermore, players are able to pick among twenty different characters that they can play with. The catastrophes include aliens, monsters meteors, tornadoes ghosts, thunderstorms, and more.

The player has to survive as they explore their city fighting the challenges and earning the rewards along its path.

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More Information

If you’re interested in the huge popularity of the game, we will present some details to the players. Disaster city has seen an average of 2089667 players to date, and out of this, over sixty-four thousand players have included this game on their list of top games.

More than 1000 people played online during the time the survey was revised. This means that people are enjoying playing the game and are returning and again. For any game, having a solid fan base is vital. Since in the beginning they assist developers to make the game better.

Codes for Disaster City

The most recent working code for the city of disaster Roblox game are as the following:

  • 2.MILLIONVISITS (this is currently the only code that’s valid available currently)

Codes that might be expired or inactive:

  • ROBOTS2021 is used to redeem Cash
  • VOLCANO2021
  • FLOOD2021
  • MOBILE2021
  • KraoESP2021

There are numerous codes to play this game. You can try a few codes from other sources. They are replaced with the latest ones after a brief period. Since the codes contain expiry date dates.

Sometimes we type in codes, but you wonder why they’re not working? You then concluded that the codes are scams and won’t be effective in real. But the truth is City Codes from Disaster City codesmight be expired codes you’re using.

If you’re looking to make use of codes when playing your favorite games, make sure you are up-to-date. We’ve put together an inventory of codes that Roblox could have removed at the time you play these codes, so make sure you make sure you redeem your codes in the near future.


The codes that have used or expired are listed above. This video game Disaster City is gaining popularity gradually and slowly. Players enjoy themselves playing the game.