Are you a fan the My Big Fat Fabulous Life series, which aired on prime-video in Canada or the United States. Whitney Way Thore is the series’ main character. Whitney Way Thore is the main character of the series. She is a ballet dancer who struggles with obesity.

It was first launched in 2015. It has received 3.4/5 star IMBD ratings and reviews on google suggest that 78% viewers enjoyed it. Let’s look Did Babs Dies.

About Babs Status:

Season 10 originally focused on the health issues facing the Thore family. Whitney’s mom, Babs, was in critical health. Babs miraculously made a full recovery, as demonstrated by the recent episode. After being discharged from the hospital, she was able to celebrate her 45th wedding anniversary together with Glenn. The following section will show you what happened with Babs.

Timeline of health problems faced by Babs:

Whitney has been struggling since season 10, of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Her health and that of her family members is worsening. Let’s now check Did Baby Thore Die. As you can see in episode 1, Babs had a daily routine. Glenn, Glenn’s spouse, went out to buy lunch and returned within an hour. Babs was found unconscious by Glenn, her husband.

Babs was quickly taken to the hospital by doctors who informed her that she had suffered from a stroke. It was revealed that Babs, Glenn, Hunter and Glenn all tested positive to covid. The three of them must be isolated until they heal. Whitney was able to test negative. She was therefore the only relative who was able go to Babs’s.

Health information and Did Babs Get ? :

She was distraught over her mother’s health and the deaths of other family members. When Babs refused to take her food and medications, things got worse. The doctors had to put in a feeding tube.

Babs develops a urinary tract infections as her health worsens. When Whitney was referred to a palliative facility by her doctors, viewers were intrigued. People with serious illnesses should be referred to a palliative facility.

Why viewers wanted Was Babs Dead

The suspense builds when Whitney says that Babs’ feeding tube was being removed by doctors to ensure that Babs does not starve to death. Whitney was devastated.


Babs was a victim of a series of health issues that resulted in bad news. Viewers wanted to know if Babs would die. She had a stroke and a cardiac issue. She was also tested positive for covid, and she has a urinary infection.