In this article, you will learn everything about bedbugs in relation with cryonite treatment.

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Before I’ll show you how cryonite treatment works on bedbugs, let me feed you with the knowledge of bedbugs themselves, so that you will know whether your house has bedbugs problems.

How do I Identify a Bedbug?

Bed Bugs are tiny insects that come in red-like color. Bedbugs are very difficult to discover when they exist in your house, except they become more in population when the occupants begin to get multiple bites. Bed Bugs do not fly but have multiple legs, and they can easily spread themselves all around places.

Where Are Bedbugs Found?

Bedbugs, as their names imply, are mostly found around bed corners; this points out more reasons why most people believe that bed bugs only exist in residential houses. However, that does not mean their places are limited to residential houses and corners of beds. They are commonly found in some other areas, such as on clothes, handbags, hand pulses, and shoes, and they can be found commonly in hotels, hospitals, hostels, schools, etc. 

To understand where bedbugs are most likely to be found, you must consider places where humans live and sleep at night. You should concentrate on where humans sleep at night for more likelihood of finding at least one bedbug.

How do I identify Bedbug bites?

Bedbugs’ bites can be harmful and even infectious to human wellbeing. Bedbugs’ bites are not felt like stings, but when they bite, their bites go unnoticed. The victims commonly bite in the night when sleeping, and the victim wakes up to itching of the hands, neck, legs, or back part of the body.

After itching the body parts for a few seconds, the victim will see a spread of tiny swell-ups around the itching spot, and the feeling is of uneasiness and anxiety. The skin look becomes marred, as well, because of many wrinkles caused by multiple swells.

What is Cryonite?

Cryonite is a green method of killing insects and pests which involves the use of carbon (IV) oxide under the snowy condition of -110°F, such that it is capable of freezing the liquid component inside pests, thereby freezing the insects to death.

Cryonite treatment for insect extermination is referred to as a green method because of its environmentally friendly quality, such that it does not require the use of toxic chemicals or chemicals that would expose the air to pollution. 

How does Cryonite Treatment work on Bedbugs?

Cryonite treatment for bedbugs has come to replace the traditional methods of killing bedbugs. The traditional chemical method required the users to be careful with the home equipment to spray chemicals on. Specifically, anywhere there is electronic equipment, you wouldn’t want to get them wet with the liquid in the name of killing bed bugs or any other insects.

However, cryonite treatment involves the use of carbon (IV) oxide compound, CO2, which in its normal gaseous state is considered poisonous. The C02 gas, when applied, comes out in a snow-like state with a temperature of -110°F. In this state of temperature any pest upon which the compound is applied freezes to death. The compound won’t wet the surfaces it touched but keeps them dried. So it is suitable to be applied on electronic equipment without the fear of getting them wet. Also, the compound doesn’t smell to pollute the air; this is why the users do not need to evacuate the place of its application.