Costs to Consider for a Kitchen Renovation

If you’re planning a kitchen upgrade, you need a renovation budget. A kitchen remodeling budget captures all expected costs of the process. When you break down your expenses, you plan more effectively and can set your priorities straight. Below are some costs to consider in your budget for a kitchen renovation.

Manual Labor Costs

A kitchen improvement, whether minor or extensive, will incur certain labor costs. The cost of labor varies depending on the stage of the renovation process. Before you start renovating, you should discuss your ideas with a contractor or a remodeling professional.

A kitchen remodeling expert applies their design skills to determine space requirements, create matching color schemes, and provide budget estimates. If you’re unsure about any aspect of your remodel, refer to remodeling professionals to avoid making costly mistakes.

Next, anticipate the costs of hiring plumbers, electricians, and painters. These three work together to replace broken parts, improve lighting, and add a pop of color to your dream kitchen. The cost of hiring labor varies by state, so be sure to account for local rates.

Flooring and Countertops

Do you want to replace the tiles in your kitchen? Are you transitioning from hardwood to ceramic tiles? If your kitchen is spacious (larger than 300 square feet) and you’re remodeling the whole room, anticipate that flooring will take up about 7% of your renovation budget.

Choose premium flooring alternatives such as real stone and mosaic ceramic if money isn’t an issue. Bamboo and vinyl tiles are good options for those on a tighter budget.

This pricing model also applies to kitchen countertops. The wider it is, the more you spend. For your kitchen countertop, the price depends on factors like material, color, external appearance, durability, and stain resistance.

Appliance Replacements

New kitchen equipment can be expensive, but not always. Whether you need to replace your kitchen sinks or move to a commercial fridge, new kitchen equipment might consume up to 15% of your budget. Consider also the labor expenses of installing built-in appliances.

New Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets have a dynamic influence on the final look of your kitchen. Different cabinet designs and colors create a modern, vintage, or chic kitchen. Below are some factors that affect the cost of kitchen cabinets:

  • Kitchen layout: This determines how many kitchen cabinets you’ll need and how easy/difficult the cabinets will be to install.
  • Design: Do you prefer door cabinets or drawers? While door cabinets are cheaper than drawers, the latter has better functionality in many cases.
  • Material: Many homeowners prefer plywood over melamine and particle board. This is due to its durable nature and affordable cost.
  • Style: Do you prefer kitchen cabinets with smooth, dark finishes? If so, cherrywood is your best bet. If your style is highly exotic, explore hardwoods like mahogany and Sapele. You can also simply repaint old cabinets with a fresh, neutral color to revive their look.

Plumbing Costs

Gas and water supply make up a kitchen’s plumbing system. Since plumbers must be licensed professionals to operate, their labor costs can be high.

The cost of plumbing renovation varies depending on the nature of the work. If you’re moving your plumbing system, factor in the expense of removing and disposing of the old plumbing system. Don’t forget to also account for buying new plumbing fixtures like pipes, sinks, and faucets.

Kitchen Lighting

The right lighting fixtures can transform the atmosphere of your kitchen. Good lighting helps create a bright and airy kitchen space. Lighting also adds depth to a space and can make your kitchen welcoming and warm. 

Ideal lighting fixtures for kitchens include cone-shaped pendant lights, recessed kitchen ceiling lights, and toe kick lights. Unlike other costs in this list, lighting tends to be fairly affordable. Explore online shops, retail stores, and thrift markets to save some money on unique lighting fixtures.

Make-shift Kitchen Designs

Have a plan on how you’ll operate in your home during the renovation process. Will you create a makeshift kitchen in one of the rooms? Survive on take-out? Maybe visit a family or friend while the process is underway? Whatever the plan is, remember to include potential costs in your budget.

The Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling

Renovating your kitchen provides both aesthetic and financial rewards. After successful kitchen remodels, you cook in an open, stylish, and efficient environment. Professional kitchen remodeling is also an excellent strategy to boost the value of your property for future resale. When it comes to scheduling, the greatest time to redesign your kitchen is when you are fully prepared.