Apps You Can Sync With Your BMW Performance Parts

You can download an app to sync with your performance parts if you have a modern BMW model. The app offers push notifications that inform you about various metrics and performance reports. You can get notifications for new software upgrades, book appointments, check car status, and leverage complementary valuation. The app also delivers the programs required to work with your new BMW performance parts.

What’s a BMW App?

My BMW App is unique software designed for modern BMW cars. The app sends destinations to your BMW, locates the points of interest, and helps you find open parking spaces. You can also access vehicle status from anywhere. The BMW app lets you stay updated by providing an overview of the car’s range, mileage, window/door status, and more.

Here are other things you’ll achieve with the My BMW App:

Remote Access

With the BMW app, you can locate your car and monitor its surroundings using Remote 3D views. The app also gives you complete control, so you can start the engine, lock/unlock doors, and find instant support, including maintenance alerts. You can also launch software upgrades with a simple touch. 

Easy Navigation

The app transforms your driving experiences into adventures. You can stay on track using the latest navigation features and map services. Explore old or new destinations, spot parking, sync maps, and experience everything from the app. You can discover sightseeing locations, gas stations, restaurants, and other points of interest.

Financial Services

The BMW app allows you to make payments. You can complete monthly BMW financial services leases and loan account balances directly from your phone. The app will send regular payment reminders and confirmations to your device. You can also access statements and view payoff quotes.

The Best Apps For Your BMW Performance Parts

Investing in high-performance parts is a good start if you consider improving your car’s output, driving quality, and aesthetics. You can tune the engine, suspension, and other interior and exterior components. The BMW app allows you to monitor different metrics from your engine and overall system. You can also download and install upgrades to optimize the new performance parts. Two primary types of apps exist for BMW owners:

Manufacturer Built App

Most new vehicles come equipped with infotainment features. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are popular examples of such systems. You can use them to monitor blind spots, maintain your lane, and receive driving notifications. Manufacturer-built apps are precisely what the name suggests; an app developed by the official manufacturer. 

BMW owners have the My BMW App, free-to-use software that combines digital services, driver assistance services, and BMW Connected App. The features aim to improve user experience, safety, and convenience. Digital services offer features like My Assistant, My Journey, My Car, and My Live. Driver Assistance Services focus on safety and making your journeys easier. 

You’ll find features like Intelligent Driving, Intelligent Vision, and Intelligent Parking. My BMW App is available for Android and Apple smartphones and smartwatches. You can also use it on Amazon Echo. The app allows you to arrange your diary, set reminders, and program destinations. Other functionalities include locking/unlocking your BMW, flashing headlights, programming climate controls, sounding the horn, and more. 

Third-Party Performance Apps

Car performance apps have become trendy because of their convenience. You can manage and control your BMW using third-party performance apps. Each app has unique features. Some focus on gathering and reporting car performance metrics. Others are designed to enhance your journeys. Third-party apps come from software developers other than the official BMW manufacturer.

You can download and install the apps on your smartphone, tablet, or iPad. Once installed, the app can let you track your car, lock/unlock the doors, and view notifications. You can review the features and services to determine whether the app suits your needs. Some apps are free, while others feature monthly or annual premiums. Third-party apps may work efficiently on some models, but you have no guarantees.

The official My BMW App is the ideal option for BMW owners. All features and functions are optimized to make riding and managing your BMW effortless. You can also receive and install upgrades automatically when your engine is running. If you fancy third-party apps, stick to software from reputable companies and brands that provide premium BMW performance parts.

Quality BMW Performance Parts & Apps

You can sync different apps with your BMW, including free and paid software. When considering BMW performance parts and apps, stick to manufacturer-built systems and components. Working with reputable companies licensed to offer BMW parts is the best way to achieve the tuning and improvements you seek. The My BMW App is also sufficient, but you can always try a third-party solution for extra features.