Did you know the famous voice actor, Chris Ayers, has died lately? Once the news continues to be revealed towards the public, fans worldwide, such as the U . s . States, Canada, and also the Uk, are full of sorrow.

He was among the stars around the globe who’d given numerous worthy performances. The fans of DragonBall compensated tribute for this amazing personality which has given his voice to a lot of imaginary figures.

Couple of words about Chris Ayers

Christopher Owen Ayers would be a multi-gifted individual who labored like a scriptwriter, voice actor, and ADR director. Born on May 16, 1965, this charming personality began his acting career at age six.

Chris truly inspired anime enthusiasts, and that he was well-acknowledged as the voice of Frieza from Dbz, i.e., DragonBall Z Kai.

How did Chris Ayers die?

In 2017, he was identified as having the finish-stage of chronic lung disease. He needed double lung transplantation to outlive. Chris Ayers Dbz was based on the fundraisers that offered him $25000 for his treatment.

However the Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease shortened his life time and struggling with health problems. He died on October 18, 2021. This news was shared with the Twitter account by his beloved girlfriend and fellow voice actor, Krystal LaPorte.

He’d fought against a lengthy fight in the existence and gave his best performances to thrill his fans. Chris seemed to be awarded the very best male vocal actor this year using the support of countless fans all over the world.

How DragonBalls Stars did pay tribute to Chris Ayers Dbz?

After understanding that Chris Ayers, the star from the media world, has died in peace, the DragonBalls clients are uniting to pay for tribute to him. He was area of the vocal acting for several years and led to making the most popular anime series.

The main companies gone to live in Twitter to recognition this excellent personality. The stars’ media and fans have published many tweets by discussing their knowledge about Chris Ayers. The fans will miss the magnificent voice actor.

Chris Ayers did popular films!

This is actually the listing of some most well-known anime series by which Chris Ayers Dbz has put his voice.

•           Gatchaman

•           Sakura Diaries

•           One Piece

•           Maburaho

•           Gantz

•           Devil May Cry

•           Darker than Black and so forth

There are numerous films just like a tree of Palme, Initial D: Third Stage, Gatchaman movie by which Chris Ayers has proven his participation. Furthermore, he’s also put his voice within the game titles from the DragonBall from 2010 onwards. The continual efforts and passion for fans made him a properly-known voice actor.


Overall the content, we shared every detail of Chris Ayers Dbz along with you. Though he isn’t nowadays now, the immense love proven through the fans on Twitter reveals that he’ll always stay in people’s hearts.