Men and women both suffer from a sagging chin and a poorly defined jawline. It has an impact on the appearance of the face profile, and many people are self-conscious about it. People are looking for solutions to lessen the appearance of sagging skin under the chin as video conversations become more common and the jawline becomes more prominent. Reshape yourself with the best procedures of liposuction Australia.

Fortunately, their facial profile has improved and they now have a tight, clean jawline. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem, and your treatment should be tailored to your specific needs. Chin liposuction and microneedling are two typical therapeutic techniques. We compare these two aesthetic procedures in this post to help you decide which is best for you.

Sagging Skin Around The Chin: What Causes It?

Before deciding on the best treatment for your chin, it’s crucial to figure out what’s causing your problem. The neck is one of the first areas to exhibit symptoms of ageing. The skin around the chin might become loose and wrinkled over time.

Many people concentrate their skincare routine on their face but neglect to give their neck and jawline the same attention. The same daily tolls apply to these places as they do to the face. As a result, they should be treated in the same manner. Skin on the neck and jawline can become damaged if SPF and enough moisturiser are not applied, resulting in drooping and symptoms of ageing.

Gravity causes the skin on the face and neck to sag with time, gathering around the jawline. Even the most diligent skincare programme will not prevent the skin around the neck from drooping and sagging with time for certain people. Even while it is a fully natural and normal component of growing older, it can cause some people distress and self-confidence issues.

The jaw and neck are not just prone to ageing skin, but they are also a popular location for stubborn fat to accumulate. Excess fat cells can build up under the chin and neck, generating a ‘double chin’ in many people. For some people, no amount of diet or exercise will be enough to get rid of these fatty deposits, making them a difficult region to naturally address.

What Is Chin Liposuction and How Does It Work?

Liposuction is a medical operation that eliminates the body’s undesirable fat cells. Traditional liposuction is a significant procedure that involves incisions, general anaesthesia, and a lengthy recovery period. New technology have resulted in an increase in less invasive treatment alternatives, with VASER liposuction being a popular choice for chin treatment. VASER Lipo remove’s specified fat cells and reshapes the area using focused ultrasound technology.

VASER is one of the most effective chin liposuction procedures today. It’s gentle enough to use on little regions of fat, like under the chin, and it produces amazing results. Through microscopic incisions, the region is filled with local anaesthetic and saline solution during therapy. This mixture numbs the area and constricts the blood vessels, reducing the likelihood of bruising and blood loss.

After that, the VASER Lipo probe emits ultrasonic radiation, emulsifying the fat cells in the chin. The liquified fat is then carefully removed using an aspiration procedure, and the area is sculpted with suction cannulas.

What Is Microneedling and How Does It Work?

Microneedling is a non-invasive therapy that can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This cosmetic surgery has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and provides a lot of benefits for the skin. Microneedling is commonly used to treat the neck and jawline, and it can also help to reduce the look of sagging skin around the chin in some circumstances.

Microneedling pricks the skin with tiny needles, causing the body to mend the imperfections on its own. This promotes the synthesis of new collagen, which can help to reduce age-related symptoms like wrinkles and sagging.

The technique of microneedling has also been used in various aesthetic treatments, resulting in products like INTRAcel. INTRAcel is a powerful skin rejuvenation therapy that stimulates collagen production and tightens the skin.

In order to decrease drooping skin and fine lines and wrinkles, this treatment combines microneedling and radiofrequency technology. Tiny insulated needles are used to penetrate the dermis layer of the skin during therapy, triggering the body’s natural healing process. The skin is tightened, smoothed, and regenerated as a result.

Microneedling Or Liposuction For The Chin?

The chin and jawline can be treated with one of these aesthetic treatment techniques. These two procedures have distinct effects and address various issues, so it’s critical to pick the one that addresses the root of your chin issues.

If excess, persistent fat in the area is causing your sagging chin, VASER Liposuction is likely to be the best option. If your chin problems are caused by ageing or sagging skin, INTRAcel and microneedling are a better option.

When your sagging chin is caused by persistent fat cells, opting for microneedling treatments will not fix the problem because the fat cells must first be destroyed. Combining the two treatments may be the best option for certain people. In certain circumstances, especially when a considerable quantity of resistant fat has been removed, VASER Lipo might leave the skin sagging in the chin area. INTRAcel can then be utilised to tighten the skin around the chin, leaving it smooth and taut.

We specialise in addressing drooping skin around the jawline and double chins at Hans Place. Our specialists can help you choose the best treatment option for your body, as well as explain how the treatment works and what you can anticipate from it.

If you’re still not sure whether chin liposuction or microneedling is right for you, give us a call. We can set up a free consultation so you can ask any questions you have and get guidance from our professionals.