Are you aware of a recent controversy involving an online post by the famous North American political personality? If yes, you should read this article until the very end to get more details about the event and its impact for social networks.

The controversial tweet became a trending topic across both United States and Canada since the politician is extremely active on social media. The followers of his retweeted the tweet and discussed it across all the important social networks. Find out more about Canadian Politictician’s wife shoving snow.

about Jon Reyes

Jon Reyes is a major Canadian politician currently serving as minister for the Manitoba government. He was elected as an MLA for St. Norbert during the 2016 provincial election. In addition, Jon got re-elected during 2019 from Waverley as an MLA.

Jon Reyes was born in 1971 or 1972 in Winnipeg, Canada. The couple is Cynthia B Reyes and has two children. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and has been a member since 2013. Jon was also given an Special Service Medal.

Canadian Politician Wife Shoveling Snow

  • Jon Reyes posted a tweet on January 8, 2022. The tweet became viral within a matter of hours.
  • The tweet featured a photo showing his wife Cynthia clearing their driveway. She was shoveling snow just after her 12-hour night shift in the hospital.
  • Jon Reyes posted the tweet to demonstrate the enthusiasm of his wife, even after her work shift. However, social media took a swipe at him for his boldness.
  • The tweet closes with a blessing on his wife, as well as his frontliners.

People’s Reactions to Social Medias

  • On Twitter, customers have blamed Jon Reyes. Find out more about the Canadian Politictician’s wife who is accused of shoveling snow.
  • The online trolls made memes based on the tweets and images.
  • The Twitter users who were disappointed posted movie memes in his tweet.
  • Many users have blamed Jon Reyes for not helping her shovel snow. The quote tweets that criticize Jon Reyes had thousands of followers and likes. The tweet had a huge negative reaction that Jon would not have anticipated.
  • The tweet also contained 21.4K quotes, and nearly all quotes were in opposition to his tweet.
  • Humorous cartoons memes well-known films, gifs, gifs and more. These were all employed by Twitter members to show their displeasure over his social media activities. Learn more about Canadian Politician’s wife shoving snow.
  • From his tweet previously some people pointed out that he was watching an event in tennis the previous night , and then got exhausted.
  • After Twitter’s viral message, Cynthia B Reyes tweeted in support of her husband, however, she couldn’t persuade social media users.
  • This tweet received 44.4K liked and was Retweeted 5778 times.


The tweets of politicians go famous due to Twitter users’ reactions. When a tweet receives more likes and comments the tweet is shared on the other major online social networks.