What is Canned Water?

Canned water refers to drinking water packed in cans and not bottles. It could be carbonated water, purified water, mineral water, artisan spring, or spring water. They are packed in tin-plated steel or aluminum cans that can vary from small cans to large cans. 

Though there are fewer common alternatives to plastic bottles, the harm plastic is giving to nature makes us give a second thought to utilizing it so commonly. From contributing to a toxic environment to creating recycling issues, there are countless cons of plastic bottles. This is why aluminum canned water came into existence. 

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum brings many health and environmental benefits. Here is why you should prefer aluminum cans;

  • It is lightweight and easy to stack. You can easily fit a couple of cans in your backpack.
  • Since they are compact, you can carry them anywhere. They are efficient to store and ship.
  • The BPA-free aluminum can is much more sustainable. They can be recycled multiple times without any fear of losing quality. 
  • The complexity level of recycling is way lesser than plastic.
  • They are ocean-friendly as compared to plastic bottles. 
  • Also, aluminum emanates no microparticles while dispensable plastic compartments have microparticles that are destructive to wellbeing and at last the climate.
  • You can buy canned water in bulk and use it for as long as you want. The taste won’t change.
  • They maintain the temperature for a longer time and get chilled quickly. So, best for long road trips, hiking, running, walking, or wherever you want.

Above all, they are environmentally and planet-friendly. In the present era where the world is struggling with global warming, omitting plastic from our lives is the least we can do. 

Why Buy Canned Water? Aluminum Vs. Plastic

Aluminum is easier to reuse, causes less degrading, and has a higher reuse rate than plastic – so the metal has been proclaimed as a greener other option.

Cans are space savers and lightweight. They chill quickly as compared to plastic. Also, if you are a health freak and much concerned about keeping your body hydrated, it is advised to grab a can. A plastic bottle gives you the convenience of capping it whereas, once you have opened the can, you have to finish it. You can’t cap it and forget. This way, you can keep the water requirements of your body to a moderate level. 

Approximately 68% of aluminum cans are recycled in the US, which is relatively high compared to plastic bottles. So, aluminum is a win-win, as seen widely. Moreover, aluminum is:

  • Durable than plastic
  • Withstand long-term usage
  • Retains taste and nutrients of water 
  • Enhances the flavor of water in a healthy way
  • Perfect for recycling
  • Planet-friendly

Further, the canned water is free from impurities and contaminants. That being said, canned water is safe from impurities. It saves lives and prevents many lethal illnesses. Not only does it save individuals from diseases but also the entire community.  

Think about the different chocolate, sweets, or tins that you or somebody you know could have saved to reuse and once again use. Therefore, more canned water companies presently involve aluminum instead of plastic as they have a greater probability of reuse.

Canned Water and Outbreaks 

There is no denying there are a lot of illness outbreaks linked with canned water. But the good news is that they can be controlled by following these measures:

  • Treating water properly and protecting before canning  
  • Put efforts to keep the well-maintained manufacturing process 
  • Shipping and storing canned water safely
  • Make sure to keep canned water free from contamination after someone has got canned water

Where Can I Buy Canned Water?

Getting canned water having all the above-mentioned features is a bit of a daunting task. You can buy canned water with a click. RAIN pure mountain spring water is one of the finest brands for canned water. They collect the water without any mechanical energy; underground pressure brings the spring water to the surface and serves you in the most delicate packaging.

You can shop them and hydrate yourself and your loved ones with heavenly tasting water. 

Can I get Canned Water Wholesale?

Yes, RAIN water allows you to get the canned water wholesale with free returns without any stress payments. It offers tons of benefits in every aspect. Also, you would be getting $100 off on your first wholesale order.

So, if you are a retailer or a wholesaler and looking for high-quality cheap canned water, hurry up and grab your bulk canned water now.

 Why Responsibly RAIN?

There is not only a single reason to rely on it. Responsibly RAIN is Springwater, originated from a protected underground source which is further purified and canned to make it safe to drink. From packing to nutrients and taste, it has everything for you. 

Having said that, let us enlighten you that Springwater is plentiful in minerals which is significant when considering that the human body is almost 66% water. This regular asset is fundamental for refinement and evacuation of toxins, and it permits each organ (counting your mind, which is 75% water) to work as it ought to. Rainwater is the freshest water coming directly from the clouds. RAIN purifies and preserves it in the best form.

The company aims at reducing your dependence on single-use of plastic. You can play your part in making oceans plastic-free by switching to Responsibly RAIN. 

Be the change you want to see, and switch to a planet-friendly aluminum can. When you can drink beer in cans, then why not water? Act smart and let the world follow you. Make Responsibly RAIN your water brand. It tastes great, will help you in better digestion, and aids in maintaining a healthy weight. 
Let your body wonder about the taste of excellent drinking water. RAIN water is stocked in Walmart, you can get yours directly from the website or via Walmart. Happy switching to the incredibly tasting and planet-friendly Responsible RAIN.