Are you fond of playing pokemon games? Are you curious about the different pokemon that are available. There are many people across the globe in countries such as Canada, the United States, Australia, Canada,the United Kingdom,the Netherlands who would like to learn about the rare and exclusive varieties of pokemon in the game of poke.

There are a variety of pokes similar to those of Brilliant diamond Larvitar Pokémon inin the latest game for pokemon. Everybody wants to lay their hands on them and in this particular article we’ll be discussing the larvitar pokemon as well as how to capture it.

What Is Larvitar?

It is among the most original and an old poke in the Pokemon game. it falls under the category of a rock shine poké that changes into three stages. The initial stage being suicune. the following stage is larvitar. The final stage in this stage, the brilliant diamond Larvitar Poke will be the pupitar. In the third step , once it has reached level fifty-five , the pupitar transforms into the Tyranitar. It takes about thirty levels before the suicune change into the larvitar.

The poke also has diverse abilities and hidden abilities and secrets. This poke is available in the game of shining pearl series. There are a few places in which this poke can be easily found, and gamers are eager to learn so we’ll discuss specific locations further within this post.

Abilities Of The Brilliant Diamond Larvitar Pokemon:

We all know that the most significant thing about the poke is its capabilities that make it unique and challenging to be seen. Let’s take a look at the potential that the poke larvitar has.

  • Guts- the initial and unique power for this poke that it’s gutted with this ability. Using this ability it can increase its attacking standing.
  • Sand veil- It’s an undiscovered ability that lets the poke boost his evasion during a sandstorm.

Where To Find The Larvitar Pokemon?

Everyone is eager to catch this poke we will now look at the steps to catch the Brilliant Diamond Larvitar Pokemon. There are some places where this Pokemon can be found easily but there are generally three locations of spawning where we can find and catch this. It is believed that the original version is located in the cavern that is the largest in the Bluff area. The other two places to look for and discover the creature are route207 and the cave with a rocky surface.


In this article, we’ve read about the larvitar Pokemon and its unique capabilities. We have also looked at the places that we can locate this Brilliant larvitar’s Diamond Pokemon. This article will provide the most important information collectors should be aware of regarding this particular animal.