Are you getting ready to do the Christmas shopping season and are looking for a website on the internet which will let you purchase the bulk of the items? Because the people of their United States prefer shopping online due to the lack of time and having items delivered by clicking the mouse, online retailers are also targeting this segment of customers.

The majority of retailers prepare their shops to sell their Christmas items at this time of year, however some scammers try to take advantage of this to deceive customers. reviews of the Sopashop will attempt to evaluate the site and then publish its information into the open domain.

What is Sopashop5 Com?

Sopashop5 is an online retailer store that offers products across different categories. The items offered on this website include sandals as well as earcaps, shoes pants, ear caps, and other products. It is an extremely discounted website since many of the items are offered at a 50 percent discount.

While the pricing may appear to be more expensive but the discounted price makes it feasible for the majority of consumers within America. United States. The product isn’t properly displayedand buyers might find it difficult to find the item that they prefer.

To determine whether Sopashop5 is legit or a fraud continue reading this review to the very end.

A few of the specifications that pertain with the Sopashop5 Site:

  • Domain Name –
  • The address of this website is
  • The domain was launched just two months ago, so it’s not a brand new site. (22nd September 2021)
  • The items that are offered on this website are footwear, socks, sandals and barware.
  • PayPal is believed to be the sole payment option for customers.
  • Contact number: + 505 233 3553
  • Physical address: Address: RM4, 6/F, HO KONG CTR 2-6 FATUEN STREET, MONGKOK, KOWLOON, HONGKONG.
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • SSL Certificate- Available.
  • Shipping policy – offering free shipping to anywhere in the world, if you spend more than $45.
  • Return policy – 30 days return time with a few exclusions.


  • Offering discounts of up to 50%.
  • Sopashop5 reviews Find the 10% discount for signing up and free shipping on orders that exceed $50 in the customer’s advantage.
  • The website offers 30 days of return policy.
  • The physical address along with SSL certification will boost the credibility of an online shop.


  • The absence of customer reviews.
  • There aren’t many options to pay for your purchases because only the PayPal gateway is accessible.
  • The site’s content appears to be plagiarized.
  • A low score on trust.

Based on the above it is possible to see pros as more superior than cons so we will need to study the legitimacy part in greater detail.

Is Sopashop5 Legit?

The growing amount of fraud online across the nation is alarming, and federal and states are taking steps to stop the issue. Some of the information regarding soapshop5 are provided below, which raises questions about its credibility.

  1. The website’s age is just two months older (22nd September 20, 2021) This makes it more suspicious of this online retailer.
  2. According to the site’s rating system the trust score of the website is a mere 1 percent which is a poor score.
  3. Alexa index of the site is 2,109,473.
  • No social media accounts are discovered for this site during the investigation of Sopashop5 Reviews.
  1. The information appears copied and is in line with scam websites however, no precise information can be found.
  2. The owner’s name is not mentioned on the site. is on the site however, the address suggests that it is controlled by someone from China.
  3. There was no customer review at the bottom of the store online This makes it difficult for shoppers to learn anything about the product that they decide to purchase.
  4. The trust index is 38.5 out 100, which isn’t good either.

The above issue raises serious questions about the authenticity of this website and users are advised to take the appropriate precautions when buying from it.

What are Sopashop5 Reviews?

Customer reviews help make a site transparent and provide its authenticity to customers who are already buying. However, when we try to find the reviews of customers for this website, we’re in a position to locate the reviews from the official or other reviewed websites that are trusted. We also tried to locate the social media profiles for reviews, but couldn’t find the data for the identical.

The final verdict

Online shoppers must be cautious in the middle of their Christmas shopping in the coming days. the Sopashop5 Review warns consumers to beware of this suspicious website. It is always safe to buy from trusted online shops and conduct a thorough research before purchasing from unknown websites.