Better Gains

Bodybuilding is a lengthy and intricate process. You need to be able to put in multiple hours of training in the gym, prepping meals, and refrain from unhealthy foods. Discipline is the key to achieving your bodybuilding goals; however, your results may be very underwhelming if you are not knowledgeable enough and don’t do the right things.

Suffice it to say, bodybuilding can change your life. Its benefits are undoubtedly amazing & worth all the hassle.

What Makes Your Bodybuilding Routine Perfect?

To make the most of your workouts and rest is to know your requirements and goals. Beginners are more prone to such mistakes, but people training for months often have room for improvement when maximizing their gains. 

A good routine is balanced in intensity and rest coupled with adequate diet plans and techniques. Keep the fundamental things in mind to ensure you don’t make mistakes to hamper your muscle building.

Not Knowing Your Goals

If you don’t have a specific boy and fitness goal in mind, you will end up nowhere. You should be well aware of the body you’re aiming for so you can plan for it accordingly. You may be hitting the gym to look better, perform well in a specific sport, improve your health, etc. Knowing what you want helps to decide on a relevant program to get you there.

Not Following a Program Consistently

Deciding on a program and strictly following it is crucial to building muscle effectively. A common mistake beginners make is having a go at a particular muscle without knowing it will target the necessary group. To avoid wasting time and effort, you should research a plan and consistently adhere to it.

Lack of Progressive Workouts

Your muscles become more robust as you train, and the curls that seemed atrocious once became a walk in the park. However, you won’t move forward if your workout gets too easy. It is essential to challenge yourself and progressively increase weights and reps constantly. 

Progressively increasing weights ensure your muscle is going through maximum HyperTrophy and provides sufficient resistance for the muscle to grow effectively.

Rushing Through Sets

Your muscle growth is not as affected by the number of reps as by the time taken to perform them. The slower you perform an exercise, the longer the muscle stays under resistance. Very common error beginners make is to rush their sets. You can significantly increase your strength and muscle size by slowing your workouts.


If your workouts aren’t challenging enough and you aren’t putting enough stress on your muscles, you won’t get the desired results, unsurprisingly. However, training way too hard can have much severe repercussions. Overtraining to expect faster results will significantly increase the risk of injury and do more harm than good.

Ignoring Your Macros

Every person has different nutritional requirements. Therefore, it’s not clever to implement some popular diet plan that works for some celebrities. It is best to figure out your dietary needs and adhere to them. An essential macro when it comes to bodybuilding is protein.

Without sufficient protein, your muscle hypertrophy is significantly reduced. Aim to consume more protein-rich foods to ensure your work in the gym does yield the desired results. You can take protein shakes or use steroids as well. However, whether you need the strongest steroids or others, depends on your fitness goals. But, make sure to get them only from UGFreak for real products.

Poor Form

Doing a specific exercise will target particular muscle growth. However, knowing how to

perform the said exercise is equally important. The excellent form ensures the strain is applied to the muscle group instead of joints and bones. Doing reps too fast, lifting too heavy, or just having the wrong technique not only hamper your progress but puts you to risk when it comes to injuries.

Wrap Up

Muscle building requires one to be as efficient as possible. It would be best if you were selective regarding diet and exercise to yield the intended results. Some mistakes beginners usually make regarding their routine are the lack of general knowledge about nutrition, techniques, and goals. 

You should keep your workouts challenging but not too much for excellent muscle growth and safety.