The wildfire which erupted on Thursday last weeks has grown in scale and engulfed most areas of Texas State. Firefighters continue to fight the fire but dry weather, strong wind and dry weather are making it more difficult to contain.

Emergency response in the form firefighting, evacuation and rescue is ongoing. Officials with tankers and retardants were rushed to Erath County in United States. Keep reading Bluff Dale Fire for more information.

Texas Fire Impacts

Wildfires are the most common threat in Texas’ north. Firefighters can manage some of the smaller fires. Montague (Eastland), Hood, and Erath are the areas most at risk.

The National weather service has issued four warnings to these countries and ordered an evacuation. The Big L and Kidd fires in Eastland and Erath are the two most active fires that are causing havoc for locals.

This wildfire sparked fifty fires. Only ten fires are active today.

Bluff Dale TX Fire:

Bluff Dale, which is also affected, has been declared a Big L fire by officials. Initially, the fire spanned around 3000 acres. It has since expanded to over 11000 acres.

Bluff Dale lies in Erath County. According officials, fire erupted from Erath and moved toward Hood. Marshall Jeff Young states that the fire is moving at 20mph an hour, making it difficult and dangerous to control.

At the time of writing, the wildfire covering 11000 acres was contained by twenty percent. Two firefighters suffered burns to their faces during the rescue operation.

Bluff Dale Fire & its Impact:

The fire which started in Erath is moving towards Hood is, one among the most dangerous wildfires in Texas. The fire is moving fast towards Lipan city and officials have requested that residents evacuate the area.

Kidd fire is another major problem. It has erupted within Eastland County, and has now engulfed 42333 hectares. At the time of writing, Kidd fire had not yet been extinguished.

Eastland’s fire has scorched 55000 acres so far, and one sheriff’s assistant died during rescue operations.

How government is trying to control Texas wildfire:

Bluff Dale Texas fire and Kidd fire have been the worst wildfires in Texas, causing the agency serious problems. Texas declared a state emergency in 11 counties, which will give more resources to combat wildfires.

Disaster assistance is being offered to the locals. Also, people can report their losses. Voluntary volunteers are offering free meals for the victims.

Note All details based entirely on research done online.

Final verdict

Most small wildfire have been contained by firefighters. But, Big L and Kidd need to be managed as soon as possible. The Bluff Dale Fire has been under constant control by the government as well as its agency.