In this article In this article, it has been discussed that the Blood Moon 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse is discussed. For additional information about the day check out our blog and send it to your friends.

Dear readers, in this article, we’ll give you information on the cities where Lunar Eclipse 2022 will be observed. Dear readers, would you like to know when the Blood Moon 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse? It happens when the earth is placed between the sun and the moon and the moon is turned dull red-orange.

On May 15-16, 2022 On May 15, 16, 2022, the Total Blood Moon will be visible across The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Canada as well as the areas in the Indian Ocean.

Schedule of Lunar Eclipse –

First Total Lunar Eclipse is going to occur in 2022 on the 15th of May between 10.10 p.m. EDT. It will also occur on June 16, 2022 beginning at 7:40 a.m. in the IST time zone. The exact dates for this Lunar Eclipse may vary because of the different time zones.

Brief About the Blood Moon 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse 

According to Hindu Mythology, the Lunar Eclipse is observed upon this day, which is known as the Full Moon/Purnima. The eclipse will be visible across the southern hemisphere region. This will not be visible within India, South America, and Europe.

This Total Blood Moon is going appear at the following locations that comprise 99.1 percent of the Moon’s umbra within the umbra of Earth – London, Brussels, Havana, Lagos, Johannesburg, Paris, Guatemala, New York, Rome, Washington DC, Madrid, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Chicago. Chicago, Santiago. Half Blood-Moon will be visible in Budapest, Ankara, Athens, Honolulu, and Cairo.

How do I view Blood Moon 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse ?

It is important to note that the Lunar Eclipse doesn’t affect our eyes even if we gaze towards the Blood Moon with naked eyes. It is not necessary wearing glasses or wear anything particular to view the Blood Moon. Anyone who wants to view it can go to the place in which it will be visible.

NASA, the American Independent Agency NASA discussed the changes that occur when there is a total Lunar Eclipse. The Moon is dark and reddish shade. It occurs due to two factors two reasons

  • The complete immersion in the Moon in the shadow of Earth.
  • This is the Red color of Sunlight.

In short in a nutshell, in short, the Blood Moon 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse is a glimpse of the sun rising and setting in a single instant that is taking place across the Earth at the time. It is a stunning scene.


Q.1 What’s the Phase at which an Lunar Eclipse begins?

A.1The phase in which the Lunar Eclipse Begins is called the Penumbra.

Q2 What is Blood Moon? ?

A.2A red-tinted moon is also called Blood Moon.

The Final Verdict –

Blood Moon Blood Moon has two phases and it begins at certain locations. It happens every two and one-half years. I hope that the information above can help you to gain all the information you need about the event. To learn more information go to the link below for Blood Moon 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse.

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