Even with the pandemic crisis, baby products increased tremendously in the global market and will get faster growth in the future according to the report by “Baby Product – Global Market Trajectory & Analytics”. When purchasing baby products, green themes are preferred by the new generation of parents, especially in the baby safety and convenience segment. To catch up with these forefront trends in baby products, the leading brands and producers strain every nerve to seize the market with their most advanced technologies. Donna transforms a stroller into a car seat in seconds and Evenflo converts a single stroller into a double without using extra tools. The all-in-one product gains increasing popularity with its versatile functions, sustainable playtime, and great portability.


Besrey, a German brand focusing on baby products, is dedicated to developing all-in-one baby products with multi-functions and long service life in the safety and convenience field. Generated the first 5-in-1 toddler bike in 2019, Besrey launched a 7-in-1 trike bike with more versatility recently. This 7-in-1 trike bike can be served as an infant trike or a balance bike, providing longer sustainable playtime for a baby from 1 to 5 years with 4 types of riding joys. To solve the unstable problems and security flaws of all-in-one tricycles in the market, Besrey made more precautions to guarantee the safety of the baby by adopting a sturdy and durable structure, adding a clutch for pedals, and designing a smart steering system. Besides, this 7-in-1 trike bike is specially equipped with an adjustable handle and foldable mechanism to improve the user experience for parents.


Over the past seven years, Besrey never stopped its step, persisting in innovating new products to meet the changing parenting demands of the market. Equipped with a 220,000 m² R&D base, high-level laboratory, and professional team from Germany and America, Besrey made rigorous tests from design to manufacture to ensure that every product is safe, reliable, and durable. The most valuable thing is that Besrey always stayed true to its original heart, devoting itself to providing more green baby products with premium quality and great convenience for both babies and parents worldwide. All the endeavor makes Besrey stand out from the huge market of baby products. 

About Besrey

Derived from Germany, Besrey has always adhered to its slogan “born with love”, aiming to provide safety and scientific products for parents, making children grow healthier and better. With consistent endeavors over the past seven years, Besrey become a specialist in baby products and is renowned for its premium products in over 130+ countries and regions.