Are you a witness to a crime? Have you ever witnessed a crime? It is important to be aware of crime in your area.

Recent news was about something similar: Avebury Ave, Tonbridge, United Kingdom .

A stabbing incident in a residential neighborhood has brought attention to the area. Continue reading to learn more about the Avenue Avebury Tonbridge case.

What happened exactly?

Kent Police officers were called on Friday, August 19th at 12:55 AM to report a mishap near Avebury Avenue. The ambulance was also brought to the scene by officers. The victim, who was probably in his 20s and appeared very young, was declared dead on the spot.

The teenager sustained several stabbing wounds. Another teenage boy was taken into custody. He is now being held in custody. Although the exact location of the incident is unknown, Kent Police states that it occurred at Avebury Avenue or close by.

More information on Avenue Avebury Tonbridge

The victim was identified as a Tonbridge native. Police are trying to gather more information for their investigation. Police have spoken with several witnesses. Kent Police appeals to anyone with information to contact them.

Lee Neiles is the Detective Inspector for the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate. He stated that they are trying to understand all the circumstances. They must also speak to anyone who witnessed, heard, or saw anything suspicious prior to 12:55 AM.

They claim that the Avenue Avebury Tonbridgeincident, in which the victim was stabbed and assaulted to death, occurred near Tonbridge Park. There are many residential properties in the area. If anyone is interested in helping the police with their investigation, they should not hesitate calling them.

Kent Police can be reached at 101, and please quote the reference number (19-0050). Anonymously, anyone with information can call Crimestoppers at 0800 555111.

Important Announcement

Paul Stepto and Mark Hood, local councilors, have reported that an incident occurred overnight on Avebury Avenue. The police are continuing their investigation and have ordered the closure of the area.

It was reported that the Avenue Avebury Tonbridgeincident has caused traffic to be halted in several areas.

Final Verdict

The Kent Police is currently investigating the Tonbridge incident. If anyone has any information, please contact the police immediately. We encourage you to be safe and to not be afraid of being a witness. Your one action could make a difference in a case.

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