Brand Promotion

Are you looking for an affordable promotion of your brand? If yes, then you can select the best custom printed header cards for your products. These cards are able to display your brand’s logo on different products. Bag toppers and header cards are considered the best and most economical way to promote your brand. 

You just need to place your product in the market and attach the header cards or bag toppers with a staple. The bag will work as the showcase of your products, while the header cards work as the promoting tools for your brand. It will help o attract customers with its unique designs. You can check the designs at

Increase Their Appearance and Outlook

For the packaging of your products, you choose the absolute packaging solutions to increase their appearance and outlook. It might cost much to you, while in the case of the custom printed header cards, you can easily find these branding cards at a low cost. 

If you have a poly or clear bag for the packaging of your products, you can easily attach the header card with staples and glue on these bags to enhance the appearance and promote your brand in a unique. It will be beneficial for you to increase your brand’s sales more than before. However, it is best or the new businesses to promote their brand among the hundreds of other brands in the market.

Are the Custom Header Cards Customizable?

The packaging material for any product will allow customization according to your demands. Just like that the custom header cards are also customizable in different shapes and styles. You can provide them with a different shape that looks attractive on your bags. The customizations through printings and coatings are also beneficial to make your header cards more adorable.

You can print your brand logo in a unique style so that it will become eye-catchy for the customers. However, the implementation of the quotes on these promotion cards is also helpful to increase their appearance. The coatings such as laminations, and UV spots are also beneficial to enhance the elegance of the header cards.

How The Custom Printed Header Cards Are Beneficial?

Instead of branding and promoting, the header cards packaging are also used to hang your products on walls of the retail stores providing a more eye-catchy outlook to your products. The customers will surely be attracted to your products and want to check the high-quality products of your brand. The header cards are also helpful to carry small-sized plastic bags easily. The brands implement their logo using a unique pattern to make their specific place in the market. The header cards are basically best enough to compete with the other brands in the challenging market.


The custom header cards are durable enough to provide a long-lasting appearance. These cards are also made up of other packaging box materials such as kraft, cardboard, and paperboard. They are sturdy enough to enhance the appearance of your brand and provide them with a unique design. You can carry your plastic bag with the help of these cards without any fear of getting torn apart.


If you have a new business and want to promote your brand with affordable marketing strategies, then you should easily move towards custom printed header cards. As these cards will work as a promoting tool for your brands. 

You just need to pack your product in a bag and attach these cards with the help of staples and double-sided tapes. The printing of your brand logo on these cards will work as the promoting factor for your brand. Your brand will be able to make a specific place in the market. It will also be helpful for your brand to increase its sales.