A family camping trip can provide a well-deserved escape from everyday life. You can say goodbye to school runs, boring commutes, or stressful deadlines, and hello to new sights, sounds, and experiences.

However, there is nothing like a vehicle issue or discomfort to ruin the experience. If you want to banish stress and make wonderful memories with your loved ones, read the below advice on how to prepare your SUV for a family camping trip.

Install a Bed Rack on Your SUV

Bed racks are a must-have for a family of passionate campers. The railed systems will bolt into the bed to increase storage space in the vehicle, as they are perfect for housing camping equipment or bikes. The more space you have, the more objects you can take to a site, and the more fun you can have with your family during a much-needed outdoor break. Check out these Tacoma bed racks to learn how versatile they can be for a family camping trip.

Create an Effective Packing Plan

If you camp regularly with your family, you would be smart to create an effective packing plan. Identify the best positions to pack your camping gear to squeeze in every essential item. You might need to rotate your luggage, portable chairs, or tent until you find the best way to load the items in your SUV. Also, take a photograph of your truck to serve as a helpful guide on your next camping trip.

Stock Up on Your Kids’ Favorite Snacks

If you want to drive to a camping site without argument, stock up on snacks for the road trip. Otherwise, you might hear moaning and complaining from beginning to end of the journey, which will make the experience less than enjoyable.

Snacks will prevent rumbling stomachs during travel, and they can be a great way to keep the kids quiet after many miles of chatter (or arguments). So, pack sandwiches, bring plenty of drinks, and take their favorite treats to ensure they have a fun time in the rear seats.

Pack Essential Car Repair Tools

A flat tire in the middle of a forest isn’t uncommon, as you may experience difficult terrain when driving into a camping site. Pack a kit to quickly change a flat tire should you break down, which you should place in a location that is easy to access on a road trip, such as underneath the rear seats. 

Prevent the likelihood of a flat tire by scheduling a basic maintenance check before travel, reviewing your tire pressure, and adding air if necessary. Also, pack jumper cables or a portable jump starter battery pack to help your car get back on the road should the battery die after a camping trip is over.  Before you head over and have a long camping trip and going on an off-road adventure, make sure you also get your SUV’s parts in check. One perfect upgrade would be to upgrade to a Timbren axle suspension system.

If you follow the above top tips, you could enjoy a smooth, hassle-free, fun camping trip with your family. It will ensure you look back on the experience with only happy memories.