This article will provide readers through the AFC South Safeties and the most recent decision made by Colts that gave them an opportunity to attack the team.

Are you a fan of watching Football? If you enjoy Football then you are probably aware of the division of NFC and that is AFC-South. Recently, a decision by AFC has been a slap at all the supporters in America. United States. You may have heard about the most recent update. Therefore, this article regarding AFC South Safeties will provide you with the decision made from the American Football team.

You will be surprised when you see that you’ve been updated using the earlier updates from this team. Let’s Read!

What is it that makes this team, the Indianapolis Colts trending?

Indianapolis Colts is an American Football team in the USA. Recently, they’ve done something unexpected. Fans and those who had high expectations of the team are awed by their choice. A lot of people do not know about this decision. This is why we examine the decision made by the Indianapolis Colts. The AFC team has implemented some modifications to their safety procedures. So, let us begin.

about AFC South Safeties the most recent update

Indianapolis Colts have recently signed a new safety agent who is part of the Kansas City Chiefs. However, he wasn’t the player their fans were hoping for. They tried for the signing of Tyrann Mathieu but fans were forced to wait for a long time to find out whether or not. The fans, however, were waiting for the team to sign the Pro Bowler. On Tuesday, fans were stunned as they revealed that their team had signed for the Kansas City Chief. According to reports, Mathieu’s team hasn’t made a decision yet. When he has confirmed that, we will review the specifics of AFC South Safeties.

What made this situation more funnier?

The issue that came up during the signing that frightened everyone was that the team has signed Armani Watts. The funniest comment fans thought was that Armani was wearing a number 23 jersey, while Mathieu had a 32-number jersey. The pictures may have tricked the viewers into thinking they were seeing the correct person. But, a lot of tweets have been posted in their most recent posts, and fans have criticized their choice. They believe that Indy has picked the wrong person as the chief. The official Jim Irsay’s Twitter account who posted a picture of Armani of his confirmation, many joked about and posted hilarious remarks. According to AFC South Safeties people mocked the decision by claiming on the fact that the incorrect safety director was signed.

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In this article We have made our readers aware of the situation which has been widely reported. The decision has provided the fans a chance to attack the team and Irsay’s decision. A graphic mistake in identifying pair of numberings (23 as well as 32 in the jerseys) has left many confused. Therefore, it is now Armani Watts was officially signed to the squad.

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