You may have heard of the many accidents that occurred after baptism, which led to the death of several people. Sometimes, this holy event can lead to the death of the participants. This tragic event has been witnessed worldwide.

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The accidents that occur during baptism

A time of joy can quickly turn into a time of sorrow. This happened recently in Atlanta, where a church congregation drowned one of its members while performing baptism. This terrible incident occurred at Lake Lanier.

Information about the Dead

Ciro Jimenez Belltron, a man of 37 years old, was reported to have disappeared from Forest Park. According to reports, he disappeared on Saturday at 6 p.m. into the water. According to online reports, it was an accident during Baptism. His body was discovered by rescuers on Monday morning.

The body of Beltron was found by members of the command near a Dam Park. The people from that area and other members of the church informed it that Beltron remained there for several hours after the completion a baptism ceremony. According to Lt. Eric Eberly’s reports, the ceremony had sixty people.

The first communication difficulties between rescuers, witnesses and the witnesses resulted from the fact that the churchgoers were members of a Spanish-speaking congregation.

Uncovering his facts before his death by Injuries During Baptism

Officer stated that Beltron had not been in contact with his friends since that evening. He was believed to be wandering about in another part of the park. The opposite area was home to a soccer field as well as a hiking trail.

Around 8 o’clock at night, his friends were gathering to take their leaves. They saw the things belonging to Beltron at that time and realized that he might have been submerged in the water.

Why is this trending news?

For baptisms by dip ceremonies, streams and lakes are prominent in Georgia. Highlight was the Accident during Baptism. Lake Lanier hosts many ceremonies each year. According to 2009 reports, more than 50 people were baptized at the Blackshear Place Baptist Church in one ceremony.

Final verdict

According to the latest research and reports, the rescuers from various law enforcement agencies were observed for a short time on Saturday night and then proceeded with a ransack of the area until Sunday using dive squads and hunting dogs. Beltron was killed.

The County’s medical examiner has received the corpse to determine the cause of death.