No doubt, buying a used car in Pakistan is a great way to get on the road without paying a huge price for a new car. But it is not as easy as you are reading. Yes, it requires you to research a lot, meet people, keep an eye on the minor details and stay patient throughout the process.

Before you take out money from your wallet, you really need to rethink whether your decision of buying a used car is putting you at future risk or not. For that, we are presenting a very useful guide so that you can be fully prepared and educated about what to look for while buying a used car.

So, let’s begin!

Guidelines & Tips For Buying a Used Car For Sale in Pakistan

The below steps will make your purchase very smooth and with peace of mind.

  1. Always Do Your Own Research

Doing research is the first step in order to buy a reliable used car as most used cars have no warranty which makes research the most important step. You must have some car brands in your mind and in that too, some brands are more reliable for future use than the others.

You might be thinking of buying a used car that has good condition and has the most recent model as well but maintenance issues can be a big future problem. Multiple factors need to be researched before buying a used car and let’s see what these are:

  • Price of the used car
  • Availability of the spare parts
  • People providing a reliable service for that car
  • Availability of people providing services in a nearby area
  • Presence of an official service center for that model of the used car
  • Investigate if the car has been implicated or used in some accident
  • Sustainability of the used car
  • Fuel mileage of the model
  • Space in the inside of the used car

Other than that, you can also figure out many other factors and can investigate them as well. For investigating these factors, the best source of information will be the people, who own that car or the ones who have used this car previously. 

Try to meet them, learn from their experience, and ask them about the people they get car services and maintenance from. You can ask them about the oil brand they have been using so that you have all the knowledge before making this big deal.

Not only that, but you can also enter the model details on the internet and look for what people have to say about this. Always check the actual price of the car and compare it with the used car quote.

  1. Look for a Fuel Economic Car

If the used car is not budget-friendly to your monthly salary, then it will probably become stressful for you. Living in Pakistan, where fuel prices are just constantly fluctuating, buying a fuel economy car has become an important thing to consider.  

Always buy a car that is affordable, suits your budget, and consumes less fuel.

  1. Car Inspection

Car inspection is the process of inspecting the whole car when you visit the owner and see the used car. While inspecting the exterior and the interior of that car, you must inspect the following things:

  • Open the bonnet of the car and try to start the engine. Closely notice the frontal area of the frame to see if the car has been involved in some accident or not. Do not buy a used car if it has a problem in the frontal area of the frame, even if it was repaired after the accident. Such problems keep appearing in the future also.
  • Look at the tires and notice their condition. If the condition is not good, then you will have to replace them as well, causing you to spend some more money.
  • Do not buy a used car if its frame is damaged, as this makes the car less efficient.

Notice carefully as it will help you evaluate the amount of more money you will have to put in to buy this used car in Pakistan.

  1. Do Not Buy a Car With No Spare Parts

Buying a used car in Pakistan whose modal has been outdated is never recommended to buy as its spare parts will be hardly available. You may be planning to buy such a used car as it has less price but remember, its maintenance cost and lack of spare parts will definitely leave a hole in your pocket in the near future.

  1. Paint or Rust Damage

Look at each area of the car and see if the car is rusted from somewhere. If the metal is damaged from just a side then you can consider buying it as it’s not a big deal but if the metal is severely damaged then we recommend you rethink your decision of buying this used car.

  1. Upholstery

While checking the interior of the car, always see the condition of the seats and the fabric. Look, if the leather of the seats is all cracked or the color has faded away. Remember, upholstery is also not an inexpensive thing to change.

  1. Take a Test Drive

When you visit the place and plan for buying a used car then you must take a test drive as well. This test drive will clearly show the suspension, acceleration, braking, and mobility of the used car. 

  1. Legitimate Documents

Check carefully that the car is registered with the accurate number plate and under the exact owner’s name. Also, ensure that all the taxes are fully paid. Otherwise, ask the seller to pay it for you and then buy the car. Go for a legal procedure when buying a used car for sale in Pakistan and save yourself from future problems.

  1. Bargain the Price

Try to politely mention your budget and use some phrases like, ‘I’m a student and can’t exceed the budget’. This will help the seller to empathize with your situation and may lower the rate. Always negotiate on the price and stay fair.

  1. Transferring the Car

Most of the time, the letter handed over to you from the owner will not have any dates mentioned on it. Be clear regarding it from the owner and try to transfer the car to your name within the said period. Do this at your earliest.

Final Words

Buying a used car for sale in Pakistan is a risky task and taking a mechanic with you to inspect the used car is a bonus tip. A mechanic can better judge the used car and can save you from any future loss.

Go ahead with your valuable deal!