A Detailed Guide to Ace Your Vintage Aesthetic Outfits

If you are obsessed with the fashion trends of the last few decades rather than the ones that are currently followed, you truly love vintage aesthetic outfits. 

Back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, wearing old clothes was sort of frowned upon and was regarded rather miserly or unfashionable at best. Jump a few decades ahead into the future and recycled old clothes and the idea of sustainability started to gain attention, and the youth and old alike began obsessing over the trend. Be it an oversized T-shirt, a graffiti top, or a pair of baggy jeans with ripped edges or an acid-washed look, all you need is the right idea of flaunting vintage aesthetic outfits with complementing accessories like shades or belts, and you are ready to rock the look.

The first rule to ace your unique aesthetic outfits is that there is no rule on how to get things right. That is because a vintage aesthetic outfits look does not require you to wear something really gaudy to grab the spotlight, rather, some authentic clothing are the exact things that you need to get that vintage aesthetic look right. Initially recycling old clothes or experimenting with clothes from a different era of fashion might seem to be a very risky idea that you are not willing to take just out of whim. You might feel apprehensive thinking, ‘What if I end up at a friend’s party looking tacky and out of place!’ Well, one thing is for sure, when some fashion trends have been revisited for the last decades repeatedly, they are the ones to stay on well into the future as well as in people’s minds despite competition from other emerging or returning trends. So, all you need to be is nonchalant and bold enough to explore your personal and unique taste and express it leveraging the clothing available at your disposal to work out a solid combination.

Fairycore aesthetic 

Most of the girls dress up like little fairies, or tiny elves, and even stick butterfly wings to their frocks for a fancy dress competition or their own birthday party. It might seem a very childish thing to do, but even adults can set sail on this quest for the vintage aesthetic style of fairy core. You can design your own vintage aesthetic look from the ‘fairycore’ theme with a lot of pastel shades thrown in and motifs like butterflies, and flowers and you’re going to look no less than a Disney princess or a fairy.

Cottagecore aesthetic 

Have you always pictured your abode of peace somewhere near the beautiful Irish countryside where you can enjoy the beauty of the serene rural life? Have you ever wondered if you could carry those elegant dresses worn by little teenage girls from your favourite collection of classics? Well, if you have always been attracted to the dreamy dressing style in the English countryside, then it’s high time to spend a few bucks on some beautiful lace dresses, tunics with cute bows, puff-sleeved beach dresses, bright floral gowns, and some frilly pieces.

The vintage hippie aesthetic of the 70s

You cannot talk about vintage aesthetic fashion and not mention the 70s which has been declared as the era of an unrestricted fashion statement. The trendiest clothes and accessories back in the day were turtleneck shirts, white belts, collars, high-waist jeans, pants, and long maxi dresses, most of which gave an earthy Bohemian and hippie-like vibe. Not to mention, the embroidered aesthetic outfits with granny boots took the style quotient higher. So, if you have a pair of flared pants, that you plan to throw away anyway, it’s time to get it back and pair it with leather jackets and a crocheted top and you are ready to revive the vintage aesthetic style to look like a diva from the 70s. 

Vintage retro aesthetic from the 80s era

You do not call the 80s retro for no reason! That is because, in the 80s, the idea of fashion was synonymous with glamorous and bright colours and making bold and unparalleled style statements. Be it the hairstyles, outfits, or even eye makeup, everything was bright and enlarged to make a pronounced effect on the onlookers. Recently, with ‘Stranger Things,’ the series, the 80s culture, subtly highlighted as the backdrop of the creepy monsters, have popularized the overall aesthetics of those bygone days. And the show provides a wealth of illustrations of the vintage aesthetic style that successfully prevailed back in the era. Just bring up your old loose sweaters and puffy-sleeved floral outfits and you are ready to go retro!

Indie vintage aesthetics

Do you still have those baggy jeans you wanted to throw into the trash after you lost weight? Well, if you do, get some cute crop tops and pair those with a pair of matching jeans and complete the whole look with a pair of platform boots, a bucket hat, one of your brightest-coloured handbags, and a neon-coloured belt around your wrist. The indie vintage aesthetic outfits holds accessories in very high esteem, so dressing in an indie vintage aesthetic is incomplete without some jewellery thrown in to accentuate that bold look.

Y2K vintage indie vintage aesthetic from the 2000s

If you are an ardent follower of iconic movies like ‘Mean Girls’ and swear by the style statement of Rihanna and Lourdes Leon, you already know about the Y2K vintage aesthetic outfits from the 2000s. If you have pastel shaded cardigans and short crop tops or cute little tees, then get some loose-fitted trousers that you usually do not like wearing and complete the look with some radiant hair accessories like butterfly clips or bandanas. It has to be however borne in mind that no vintage aesthetic fashion is complete without suitable accessories to complement the look, be it a fluorescent belt, a huge bag, big shades, or floral-printed hair bands or crunchies.