Certified Public Accountants or CPAs are considered the “black belts” of the accounting industry. CPAs stand out in job markets and are highly in demand compared to non-certified accountants. The CPA certification opens several doors for career growth coupled with immense benefits and incentives. CPAs specialize in areas such as taxation, IT consulting, personal financial planning, business evaluation, and forensic accounting, to name a few. CPA certification can land you roles that can help you combat economic unpredictability and help you flourish in your career. The roles include planning, preparing, and filing tax documents, auditing, giving clients advice on cash flow matters, management consulting and making financial reports.

Becoming a CPA is a dream job for people who have accounting degrees. However, it is not possible to achieve the CPA certification merely through formal education or a degree. To attain the certification, you need to pass the CPA exam, which is a lengthy process that requires a lot of dedication, experience, and training. Don’t worry, though; with so many options available for external help, you don’t need to embark on the journey yourself. For instance, enrolling in a CPA test prep course can make the journey much more straightforward and increase your chances of clearing the exam.

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The process may sound overwhelming; however, once you’ve cleared the exam and attained the CPA certification, you’re bound to progress in your career. Let’s explore some perks and incentives of becoming a CPA.

  1. High Paying Opportunities

A crucial aspect when applying for a job is the salary. A high-paying job that offers bonuses, health insurance, and other incentives is more likely to stand out in the eyes of a job seeker. If you’re looking for a role that pays well, you might want to gain a CPA certificate. CPAs make much higher salaries as opposed to regular accountants. The CPA certification can help you earn 10 to 15 percent more than unlicensed accountants. You may also receive a bonus and possibly a reimbursement if you work at a large firm and clear the exam. If you’re working as an independent CPA, you can charge your clients more fees due to the additional services you can provide due to your qualification. A CPA qualification can help you earn significantly more and enable you to climb up the corporate ladder.

  1. Immense Career Development

A CPA certification can open several doors for you that you can’t access otherwise as an unlicensed accountant. For instance, you can represent clients to the IRS and sign legal documents once you’ve attained the certification. CPA certified professionals are highly in demand across the finance and accounting industry. Several companies are even willing to bear the costs of your CPA exam expenditure to have you on board to improve employee value. If you’re looking for career development opportunities, becoming a CPA might be your career calling.

  1. Bestows Prestige and Honor

The title of a CPA has a lot of prestige and honor attached as it is the highest level of an accountant. Everyone highly regards CPAs, including employers, clients, and even non-work-related acquaintances. Once you become a CPA, you are considered a highly-skilled professional rather than a college grad or non-certified accountant. You are also bound to feel better about yourself and more confident once you’ve passed the challenging CPA exam and gained the certification. The raised confidence can help you secure more clients and land better career opportunities.

  1. More Job Security

Job security is among the most considered aspects while applying for a job. You want the job to last and provide opportunities to grow. CPAs are highly in demand; hence you’re likely to enjoy more job security than non-CPAs. CPAs are highly in demand for senior finance positions in non-profit organizations, corporations, and governments in all industries. The high demand can help you land a career almost instantly and enable you to enjoy a secure and highly paid position.

  1. Greater Job Flexibility

Diversity, flexibility, and job satisfaction are among the perks of becoming a CPA. The CPA certification equips you with several skills and experiences to help you secure a range of roles. CPAs can land roles in management consulting, auditing, international financial reporting, IT, and business, among other roles. You can also change your mind about a position and pursue a different one at any stage of your career. The global demand for CPAs can also provide opportunities to travel to other parts of the world.

  1. Tackles Economic Uncertainty

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in the worst unemployment rate and millions of individuals across the globe losing their jobs. Economic structures worldwide crippled due to the pandemic, and the effects have still not been entirely curbed. Landing a career even in difficult times can help you avoid the consequences and tough times brought upon by unemployment. A CPA certification can help you combat the economic uncertainty and land a bullet-proof career as CPAs play a significant role in aiding the economic recovery.

Final Thoughts

A CPA certification can equip you with a broad range of skills and experiences to help you excel in the accounting world. The high demand for CPAs can open doors to multiple career opportunities and help you develop and grow your career at a fast pace. It can also allow you to hop across diverse careers due to the numerous skills it equips you with. In these unprecedented economic times, it can also help you sustain a job and play a role in improving the economy.

Although the CPA exam might be expensive and difficult, the extensive perks and incentives can make up for the cost and effort in no time. Make sure to enroll in the right CPA prep platform so you can get proper guidance and material to help you clear the exam on the first attempt.