An online slot game allows its players to travel back in time to ancient Egypt and meet with the iconic Egyptian beauty Cleopatra while exploring the depths and the construction of ancient tombs has arrived at 918kiss and it is an online slot titled after none other than the Egyptian beauty that brought so many slaves down to their knees herself — Cleopatra. Cleopatra is an online slot game that can be played for free or for real money at 918kiss online casino site and app, here’s our review of this wonderful highlighted slot title of 2022. 

Introducing Cleopatra to online slot fans

IGT’s Cleopatra slot game is played by tens of thousands of players each month. It is adorned with hieroglyphs and other period-appropriate embellishments for a look that is reminiscent of a pharaoh. Cleopatra is an online slot game that offers bonus rounds, free spins, 25 paylines, a million ringgit jackpot and unusual winning combinations with bonus symbols. It is developed by IGT, a reputable online casino software developer and distributed on the 918kiss online casino gaming platform, which means that Cleopatra is an online slot game exclusive to only 918kiss online casino members. There are other variants of “Cleo,” but this one offers one of the largest jackpots, is loaded with extra features, and has a non-progressive jackpot, all of which are available and easily accessible via the 918kiss online casino app.  

How to Win at Cleopatra Slots at 918kiss

You can anticipate big prizes to emerge on the screen if you spin the wheel. The quantity of profits depends on the amount wagered; the more the wager, the greater the payouts. As the original free Cleopatra slots may be played for both free and real money, this version has 20 paylines and 5 reels. It has additional “re-spins,” scatters, and other high-paying symbols. The most common thematic symbols include Egyptian artifacts such as the scarab, the eye of horus pendant or even Cleopatra herself might grace the player with her presence.  If two or more scatter symbols appear during the usual gameplay, the wager is doubled. As a Wild symbol, Cleopatra is represented. It serves as a substitute for all other symbols (with the exception of scatters), allowing you to earn a winning combination. Additionally, it permits double the reward proportion.

Free-Spin Bonus Games

The Wild Cleopatra Bonus is achieved by aligning a combo with three to five scatter reward Sphinx symbols. The extra feature will be activated and offer a ton of lucrative prizes. In addition to receiving the payout percentage, you also receive 15 more rounds. During this period, payments are multiplied by three (unless you get 5 Wild signs). In addition, you can retrigger the free spin bonus up to 180 times while in the same feature. The feature finishes on the 180th spin, regardless of the number of remaining 180 free spins bonus.

Maximize your earnings with Cleopatra online slots at 918kiss

You may discover methods to cheat the free Cleopatra online slots, but we highly advise against it, especially if you are playing for real money and not just for pleasure, since such attempts are quickly detected. Maintain fairness and honesty for the benefit of all parties. If you are a beginner, you may like to begin with the demo version until you have mastered the game, at which point you can invest real money. In any case, it is essential to maintain composure, think rationally, and distribute your funds equally to maximize earnings, and most importantly, to enjoy the game. This game is compatible with several mobile platforms, including Android, Windows, and iOS. Installing Adobe Flash Player or opting for the HTML5 version of the game is all that’s required to ensure the game runs smoothly on your device.

Play Cleopatra on mobile using the 918kiss online casino app

The Cleopatra online slot game is also available in mobile form and is compatible with all platforms including Android and iOS. Players can start playing Cleopatra online slots as well as other high quality online slot games and fishing games offered on the 918kiss online casino platform with the flick of a finger if they have the 918kiss online casino app downloaded and installed on their phones. 

To play Cleopatra using the 918kiss app, simply download the 918kiss app from any dedicated download platforms and then sign up for an account. Click here to know how to register an account and log in 918kiss at the official website.

Mobile controls

While playing Cleopatra on mobile, players can use the (-) and (+) buttons to adjust the amount wagered on each payline and the number of active paylines. The (-) symbol reduces both the line wager and the number of pay lines, whereas the (+) symbol raises these values. Players can also use the spin button to initiate reel rotation. Besides that, the auto play function is also available at the Cleopatra mobile slot version and allows players to keep the reels spinning continuously. After selecting the total wager amount, click AUTO SPIN and choose the number of spins to play. This feature will be removed only if your account balance is depleted or if you select the STOP button, making it ideal for playing the Cleopatra slot machine on your mobile device while waiting in line or traveling.

Mobile settings

This game has a variety of settings that modify the graphical quality to fit the player’s preferences. Players can play the Cleopatra online slot game in low visuals movie, medium quality mode or best quality mode depending on their hardware performance and preference. Of course, we would recommend all players to play the game with the best visual graphic settings so that they can take in everything the game has to offer. The visuals featured in the Cleopatra online slot game is a treat and one of the main reasons why this game is so popular on the 918kiss online casino platform, so it would be a shame to miss it due to hardware performance issues. This is no cause of concern though, as Cleopatra is a game with low graphics demand and even low end phones can play this game on the highest settings.