The average monthly residential electricity bill in the United States is $115, a figure that has been steadily rising in recent years. By making smart changes and upgrades at home, you can reduce your monthly energy bill and help to protect the environment in the process.

If you are interested in saving energy and going green at home, then this blog post is for you. Here, we will highlight four useful tips to create an energy efficient home. From upgrading your windows to using energy-efficient light bulbs and installing solar panels on your roof, there are many great ways to save on energy in 2022.

1. Upgrade Your Windows

Energy-efficient windows come with a host of benefits. They help you to save money, reduce your family’s carbon footprint, provide better insulation, reduce outside noise, and protect your furniture from UV rays. If you are looking to make your home more energy-efficient, upgrading your windows is the best place to start.

With Llumar residential window film, you can stay cool, save money, and relax at home with greater privacy.

2. Switch to Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Saving energy at home can be as simple as changing your light bulbs. Energy-saving light bulbs last several times longer than traditional bulbs and use less electricity to emit the same amount of light. Popular options here include compact fluorescent lamps, light-emitting diodes, and halogen incandescent bulbs.

3. Install Solar Panels On Your Roof

Chances are that the electricity you get from the grid has been generated by burning fossil fuels. This has a major impact on the environment and your pocket. By installing solar panels on your property (the roof is a great location) you can save thousands of dollars over the course of the panels’ 25-plus year lifespan.

While they can be expensive upfront, solar panels can dramatically reduce or even entirely wipe out your monthly electricity bills.Make sure to couple your new solar panels with TXU energy plans that will make it possible to fully reap the benefits of your solar panels and lower your power bill.

4. Improve Your Home’s Insulation

We’ve already mentioned how upgrading your home’s windows (particularly to a triple-glazed window) is an energy-efficient move. Another great option is to improve the insulation in other areas of your home. When it comes to insulation, your attic is a great place to start.

Fiberglass attic insulation is fire- and moisture-resistant, easy to install, affordable, and extremely effective in improving energy efficiency within your home. Insulation is durable and offers excellent long-term value.

Tips to Create an Energy Efficient Home

Saving energy at home helps to protect the environment and reduce the cost of your monthly electricity bill. The above ideas are all great long-term options.

Other smart ideas include improving your appliances’ energy efficiency, upgrading your HVAC system, and getting a tankless water heater. Your wallet will thank you, as will the planet.

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