College years are the best time to travel. You do not have a family or job to tie you down to one town. Your mind and body are also athletic and curious to see the world. Unfortunately, your finances are limited and you have homework to submit. You also have to attend classes and revise for exams. Also, you can prefer Student Homes Bolton when traveling as a student.


Many students still manage to travel the world without compromising their grades. They visit some of the prime locations at zero or reduced cost. Traveling helps the body and mind to relax, making it easier to study and complete assignments. 

Here are genius ways you can travel while in college at a lower cost to your dream destinations. 

  1. Study abroad 

Enroll for your college education at a university abroad. You can spend your free time in college traveling around your destination country and region. The student visa and status come with reduced rates for such tourism facilities as hostels, travel, and entry into attraction sites. Take advantage of the student status to travel and study abroad. You can access a website that writes essays while abroad to help you travel without missing exams or homework deadlines. 

The prestigious universities and colleges at home have branches or collaborations in other countries. You are, therefore, assured of getting the best quality education in your country of choice. Studying abroad is also one of the ways to boost your profile when looking for a job. International businesses and organizations favor graduates with such kind of exposure. 

  1. Take internship 

Use breaks and holidays to pursue an internship opportunity in another country. Education agencies and career departments will guide you when choosing internship opportunities. The organizations provide fare and upkeep while working as an intern. 

International organizations appreciate the opportunity to nurture future workforce through internships. They advertise the opportunities on their websites and HR platforms. Use your weekends and holidays to travel in your host country or the region. 

The student visa and status allow you to access tourism attraction sites at a lower fee. It is also a chance to build the most beautiful memories of your college years. Further, you add a valuable entry to your CV by stating that you studied abroad. 

  1. Volunteer 

Humanitarian organizations and international institutions offer numerous chances for volunteers to learn. You may be deployed to a disaster zone or a country that requires professional human resource assistance. Enroll as a volunteer in some of these organizations that offer travel opportunities. 

Volunteers have an easy time traveling around the world. All your bills are paid by the organization. The volunteering package also comes with travel and excursion options. Your resume will also capture the fact that you have worked or volunteered abroad. It makes you one of the most attractive graduates. 

  1. Save or make money to travel

Use your allowance or student loan to travel. Chase bargain while in college. Use student coupons and offers to reduce your expenses. You will remain with more money to travel. 

You may also make money while in college by taking a part-time job or starting a business. Start an e-commerce site or blog to make money for traveling. Freelancing opportunities for students also provide money to travel while in college. 

  1. Join social groups in college 

Social groups like clubs and societies will help you to travel. You attend symposiums, exhibitions, and events related to your society. Beyond traveling, the societies help you to network with like-minded professionals. 

Traveling helps you to relax the body and mind while in college. It exposes your mind to new possibilities, making you a more creative professional. You have no reason to spend all your college years on campus.