Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts is not the easiest thing. There are only a handful of gift ideas that typically go together for the holiday, and you’ve probably outdone yourself with those go-to gifts already. From flowers to chocolates, you know your mom is expecting something new by now. Don’t leave her hanging with the same gifts from years before. If you want new and exciting gifts for mom this year, here are five delightful options to consider.

1. A Personalized Gift Basket

Treat your mom to a personalized gift basket with her favorite goodies. Choose from self-care products like lotion and flowers for mom to delicious treats like pastries and fine cheese. You might even throw in a bottle of wine if your mom is a wine lover. 

As you work to create a personalized gift basket for Mother’s Day, remember to include the items that your mom genuinely loves. The gift should reflect her, so think with her in mind! There are many ways to customize these Mother’s Day baskets to make them special and unique for your mom.

2. A Monthly Subscription

Treat your mom to a monthly subscription of something that she enjoys for a gift that keeps on giving. Choose from everything from hygiene and bath products to magazines and self-care bundles. 

Subscriptions for body care products have become increasingly popular, as have monthly shoe and sandal collections for those with less time to shop. You can also consider getting your mom a wine club membership so she can enjoy new wine every month. The best part about this gift? You don’t even need to wrap it! 

3. A Spa Package

Who doesn’t love the gift of relaxation? Pamper your mom as she deserves with a spa package designed with her in mind. Whether she likes manicures and pedicures, massages, or steam facials, you can give your mom a special treat this Mother’s Day with spa packages specific to her! 

Try to consider whether she has a favorite spa or salon that she regularly goes to. See if you can create her spa package at one of those places, so you’ll know she’ll love to relax and unwind there! 

4. A Dinner Voucher

Treat your mom and a special guest of her choosing to a nice dinner. With a dinner voucher, your mom can enjoy the gift of a free meal at a restaurant she loves. Be sure to keep in mind the types of cuisine she most enjoys so you can purchase the best dinner voucher option available! 

Make sure you get a dinner-for-two voucher, so she won’t have to dine alone. This is another easy gift you can put in an envelope and have ready to go. There’s no need for tons of wrapping, so it’s a win for you. 

5. A Photo Album

Make Mother’s Day extra sentimental for your mom by putting together a family photo album for her. You can create custom photo books online if you’re interested in a scrapbook. It’s also a good idea to include pictures of all your mom’s friends and family so that she will cherish her album forever. 

Make sure that the book of your album is bound correctly and is made from sturdy material so that it stays in good condition over time. Leather-bound albums might be a wise choice to prevent wear and tear down the road. 

Make It A Day She’ll Never Forget

Treat your mom to something off the beaten path this Mother’s Day. Consider the options above to make this year a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget!