Did you hear about the truck that caught fire in westbound? This happened in Toronto and the Canada people are showing their reactions to it. The truck fire incident was covered by the Emergency Services.

You can read this 407 Truck Fire write-up to learn more about the incident.

Reasons for Truck Fire

The truck caught fire on Monday, August 15, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.; all roads were closed for almost an hour. The fire department advised residents to avoid the area and not to get too close. Sources claim that a technical issue caused the truck to catch fire. This incident was fortunately not fatal. The fire extinguisher crew arrived in time to stop the serious damage. It was a truly bizarre incident and became a trending topic.

407 Truck Fire

Brampton Fire Services was notified by a local about the truck fire. The highway was closed to locals until the truck was removed. Fire Emergency services posted information about the truck fire on Twitter after one hour. According to them, the situation was under control and one lane of the highway westbound east from Hurontario Street is still open. The investigation continues in another lane. Sources claim that no one was hurt in the 407 Truck Fire incident.

People reactions

This highway was filled with people who shared their stories. Mr Bob said that the smoke could be seen several metres away and covered the sky. Mrs Linda stated that it was good that no one was injured and that the fire extinguisher crew did a great job. This tragic incident should not happen again in their community, and it should not be repeated.

The police advised the people to not move away from the vehicle, and recommended that they choose another route. The 407 Truck Fire Report states that the truck caught fire due to technical and chemical issues.

The viral video of the truck on fire is becoming increasingly popular online.


We have wrapped up this write-up by telling readers about the cause of the truck setting itself ablaze and the reasons why Toronto’s roads were closed for an hour. We also shared information on how people responded to the incident.

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