The summer is already here, and it is expected that the monthly average temperatures this year are going to be much higher than the previous years. To top it all off, there’s a shortage of power supply anticipated due to lack of adequate coal supply. In a scenario like this, it becomes extremely important to ensure that one has the required power back up to beat the summer heat. Continuing the discussion forward, in this post, we list three best-selling single-phase inverters from Luminous India. Let’s get started. 

  1. Icon 1100 

If you are looking for an advanced single-phase inverter that comes with gen-next features, then it must be the Icon 1100. This aesthetically designed inverter that comes with an integrated pearl white integrated battery enclosure is one of the most popular inverters from Luminous India. It recently won the prestigious Golden Star Award for ‘Best Product of the Year’ and ‘Innovative Product Design.’ Some of the most unique features of this single-phase inverter are that it allows fast low voltage battery charging at as low as 95V and it is safe for children and pets as it has no open or dangling wires. 

Inverter TechnologyPure Sine Wave
VA Rating900 VA
Rated Power756 W
Warranty 24 months on electronics
No of batteries supported1 Tall Tubular Battery (12 Volt)

*The Icon supports all tubular batteries between 150-220 Ah.

  1. Li-ON 1250

The next on our list is Li-ON 1250, which is the only inverter in the inverter battery market that offers a 5-year warranty on both inverter and battery. In fact, the expected lifespan of the in-built Li-Ion battery is if 10 years with zero maintenance. The best part is that, unlike regular batteries, the battery backup time of the Li-ON battery stays consistent with the passage of time. Another reason we like and recommend this inverter is because it’s an intelligent inverter with an in-built battery management system that not only offers superior performance but also increases the product life. Finally, the Li-ON 1250 has a compact design (occupying 50 percent less floor space) with an informative LCD display to keep users updated about the performance statistics. 

Inverter TechnologyPure Sine Wave
VA Rating1100 VA
Rated Power880 Watts
Warranty 5 Years on Inverter and Battery
No of batteries supported1 Lithium ION Battery (In-Built)
  1. Shakti Charge 1450

The Shakti Charge 1450 is an ideal solution for those living in areas with long and frequent power cuts. It’s a modified square wave inverter that allows fast battery charging even at low voltages. To top it all, the Shakti Charge 1450 is equipped with a special high-power charger that reduces the charging time by 3 to 4 hours when it starts charging a battery with full charging current at 120V.  The inverter also offers a unique Inbuilt Battery Gravity Builder feature that allows charge equalization in inverter batteries which in turn enhances their performance and longevity.

Inverter TechnologyModified Square Wave
VA Rating1100 VA
Rated Power924 Watts
Warranty 24 Months
No of batteries supported1 Battery (12 Volt)

And That’s Not All

These were just some of the many options that Luminous India has to offer. If you want to check their entire range of portfolios, visit the company’s online portal where you will be able to choose an inverter battery combo as per your specific needs. The best part is that Luminous offers a wide range of inverters starting with the basic ones that allow users to run equipment like fans, tube lights, and bulbs to the most advanced and high-capacity inverters that can run heavy loads such as ACs, microwaves, geysers, and heaters.