Are you dissatisfied with the Amazon-like stores? Are you looking for other stores online but did not locate one where you could spend your hard-earned cash and feel a sense of satisfaction with the results? If so then don’t fret because the Xikixi Reviews articlearticle provides all pertinent details about a digital market mostly focused on countries like India, the United Kingdom, India as well as European countries, as well as other.

The introduction above must have relieved your frustration with searching and made you want to find out more about Xikixi.

What is Xikixi?

It’s a broad-based online platform for selling and buying with particular interest for those living in the UK. This is a good opportunity to mention that this site is able to work to accommodate customers from different countries that is why it has been made to be to be Xikixi UK for people from the UK.

For those in India The user will see the company in the form of Xikixi India and the list goes on. Now, Is Xikixi Legit? In order to answer that question, the auto-customization based on country will not aid much. However, the availability of the products and their range could be of in a way. Therefore the catalogues of product available on the site include:

  • Market (Slim and weight Loss Tea, Stress Relief Tea, American Crew Lather Shave Cream and many more. ).
  • Beauty (Lotus Lady Steel Bracelet Game 4 Covered Bino, Alphanova Sun Face Cream, etc. ).
  • The Kids (Air Hogs Helix Stunt Quad, American Tourister Disney Suitcase etc.)

Other catalogs include DIY, Home Pets, Drinks, Pets Motors, Sports and Books.

Specifications for the site as well as the store Review of Xikixi:

  • Domain Age The domain is about eight years old. It was created on the 9th of November, 2013.
  • URL:
  • Category: Online Selling-Buying Platform.
  • Email:
  • Address: Francos Rodriguez 69, Madrid, Spain (28039).
  • Payment Options: MasterCard, Visa, AmEx, Discover.
  • Refund Policy If the item has not been delivered or has been damaged, the purchaser is able to return the item within 60 days, or it will take seven days.
  • The policy on refunds If the item is acceptable to be refunded the full value will be added the account following a thorough examination of the item.
  • Total delivery time Standard delivery time is 2-3 Business days (for domestic shipment) as well as 5-14 days (for international shipping).
  • Policy on shipping for Xikixi reviews The shipping costs for Xikixi Reviews are explicit and are not stated.

Pros of Xikixi:

  • The website’s interface resembles an online supermarket’s system.
  • The country-specific differences are carefully dealt with.
  • R3 certified protection keys support essential customer data protection.
  • The domain name of the website is quite old.

Cons for Xikixi:

  • Alexa’s global traffic rank isn’t accessible for the site.
  • SSL certificates on the site do not meet the requirements for public domain.
  • The domain rating for this site is 29/100, which is below the average.
  • There is no social media link to the website, in addition, Xikixi has no consistent professional handle for social media.
  • No Contact number for customer grievance redressal.

Is Xikixi legitimate ?

The points mentioned above that are favorable for the site can’t be an indicator of the credibility of a site that accepts payments due to technological advancements and the global connectivity. Therefore, for an objective analysis these checkpoints will aid you.

  • Alexa Rating: The site has zero Alexa ranking and is therefore unconvincing.
  • Customer Review:As per our research there are more negative reviews of the website outside of the platform and also the most positive reviews.
  • website trust score:The website has an average trust rating of 20 out of 100, which is not great.
  • Social Media Link to Xikixi Review We haven’t found any links to social media or even anyone else on the website.
  • The website’s age isThe Website is approximately eight years old and was founded on November 9, 2013.
  • The authenticity of the contact address The contact number is visible on Google’s map.
  • Invalid Policies:Shipping charges are not specified clearly, and they is why shipping costs vary across the globe.

Xikixi Customer Reviews’ Summary:

Our thorough research of Xikixi customer reviews reveals that they are biased towards the company. It appears that they are unhappy and in some locations, they have made it clear that it is as a scam.


To summarize, Xikixi Reviews do not support the website and warn users to avoid buying. The reason is that the site isn’t legitimate So be wary before buying anything.

If this review of the website provided you with some insight let us know about your findings here and also the grocery store you enjoy most.