The following article contains all the information needed to solve wordle 347 correctly and details for Wreak.

Do you enjoy solving wordle problems? Are you a skilled wordle solver Josh Wordle updates regularly with new words to fuel the excitement of wordle gamers. It is now a regular contributor to innovative words, having been ranked first by the New York Times.

This is why players from all over the world, especially the United Kingdom of India, the United States, Australia ., and New Zealand are trying to find Wreak. This is done to see if Wreak is the right answer for the 1st of June wordle.

What wordle number 347 (1st of June) is the correct answer?

After reviewing all the clues, hints and answers provided by wordle #347, we determined that CREAK was the correct answer. Many puzzle solvers mistakenly thought it was a WREAK, due to the rhyming pattern formation.

Could this be related to any other update in wordle?

No, wordle does not have a new version of this puzzle. Therefore, this can be taken to mean that the incorrect answer to the 1st Juin wordle puzzle is CREAK as it is misspelled Wreak.

Let’s examine the meanings of these two words individually. The meanings are listed below.


It refers to making a loud, high-pitched noise when force is applied to heavy things or making them move with high tension.

Wreak Definition

It can also be used to refer to the infliction of severe damage on any object, such as property or persons. It also means to inflict.

These words seem to have some similarities, according to the above definition. For wordle #347, it is necessary to use the wordle tips to discover the right answer.

Tips to find the correct answer

  • Today’s wordle uses 2 vowels.
  • The vowel and the other letters are not repeated.
  • Vowels used include “A” and E.
  • The vowels are used in the respective positions of 4 and 3.
  • The wordle words are associated with both verbs as well as nouns.

Based on the above definition, it is possible to answer the question : Is Wreak a word or no? It’s not the right answer to wordle #347.

Major hints, wordle-for-wordle 347 correct answers!

  • Creak, as a verb, means –a sharp, scraping, or squeaking sound.
  • Creak, as a noun means –any heavy, especially wooden object that makes a harsh noise when moved or has to be pressured.

Why do you think this word is trending?

The word has a rhyming pattern and can be understood to have similar meanings. Many gamers are unsure of the correct answer to the 1st July wordle.


The correct answer for puzzle #347 can be found in our case study. It is CREAK. For wordle daily, we suggest that you look at the new words daily.

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