This article contains the Wordle HINT April 14, and the proper answer with guidelines to Wordle.

Wordle is it a familiar game? Would you be interested in Wordle, any time, anywhere? It’s not just interesting because there is a new word every day. Wordle can take any aspect of your life and be used as a basis.

That’s why this game is so well-known in Australia. One day, you might find it based off your favorite topic. Let’s join the threads to find the Wordle Hint April 14,

What are the tips attached to today’s Wordle

  • The first hint is that today’s word has two vowels.
  • This Wordle contains the 299th Wordle from the entire series. Its first word is M.
  • E. is the end for the wordle of 14 April 2022.
  • If we refer to the hint that was given as a Bonus, then it is today’s meaning.
  • Today’s definition of “do a little bit” is to make a small portion of something, especially food.

Guessed word by Wordle Hint April 14.

For today’s Wordle, the reader must have read all of the articles. These hints do not constitute spoilers. These hints will help you solve today’s wordle. We found today’s Wordle easy to guess.

When players focus on today’s hint carefully, they can easily get it. Instagram revealed that today’s words are easy to guess by players. The Wordle hint April 14 below will reveal the answer to the 299 Wordle. And the answer to the 14th April 2022 question is MINCE.

Based on all the information available, this is a perfect guess. It’s time we congratulate all those players who were able get an answer for today’s Wordle.

Why is the 14th-April Wordle Trending

Today’s Wordle is a simple word. And the hints it comes with are so precise and fitting. Many players were able guess it correctly and quickly. After understanding the word and Wordle HINT April 14, guessing it correctly was easy.

They’re reaching out to multiple websites to double-check their assumptions to ensure that they are correct.

Wordle guidelines and rules

  • If the green colour of your guessedbox changes into a red, then your guess is correct.
  • If you can’t guess the letter and the box is yellow, it means you haven’t put it in the correct container.
  • If your guess is wrong, the box turns grey.


The April 14 wordle has 2 vowels. The end of the last letter should start with E. The beginning letter should be M.

Comment below and let me know if your guess was correct. Play Wordle now to have a chance at figuring the word.