Investing is essential for anyone who wants to enjoy a comfortable future. Failure to prepare will lead you to lead a miserable life. That is why you need to start by understanding how and where to invest. 

However, given the Covid 19 outbreak, some of the investment options that were good in the future are no longer viable. The economy is still recovering, that is why you need to choose where to invest carefully.

However, it is better to start by looking at some of the reasons as to why you should invest. It will help you to put in place relevant marketing strategies for your business. 

Why Invest 

One thing that investment will do is that it gives you a second source of income. In case you lose your job, it will give you a great boost. Therefore, it will help you in meeting your financial goals hence increasing your purchasing power over time. 

Investing means that you are allowing your money to work for you. It will help you to build your wealth and balance the risk involved with the potential gains. 

Since you need to be in a good financial position to invest, you will require manageable debt levels. The market also has several challenges that you need to understand and manage. 

This article presents the top picks on where to invest in 2022. You need something that fits your risk profile while maximizing your returns. It is good to learn how to write a business plan before you embark on this journey. 

High Yield Saving Accounts 

A savings account will save you interest for the cash balance that you hold. Online banks give their customers a reasonable amount of interest rate. These banks have few overhead costs which reduces their operation costs. 

Also, you can transfer your money easily through an ATM or to your primary bank. Online banks are great especially if you would like to access your money in the short run. 

It is one of the best vehicles for investors who are risk averse. You can use it if you don’t want to invest in the stocks market. It also works perfectly if you want to get your money in the short term.   

Short Term Certificates of Deposit 

Banks issue certificates of deposit and they tend to have higher interest rates than the savings account. These are perfect options if you anticipate the rates to rise. Therefore, you can re-invest at a higher interest rate once the CD matures.

The maturity period of the deposits run from a few weeks to several years depending on your desires. Since these are time deposits, you will be charged a penalty if you decide to withdraw the funds before the specified period. 

It is a great option if you don’t need immediate income or you are willing to lock your money for a while. Financial institutions pay interests for CDs at regular intervals. Once it gets to maturity, the institution will give you the original principal together with the interest that it has accrued. It is one of the online business opportunities that most investors don’t know about. 

Short Term Government Bonds

These are ETFs or mutual funds that invest in debt securities and are issued by the government or its agencies. It is an investment option that does not expose you to a high level of risk. Therefore, any low-risk person who is looking where to invest can choose this option. 

The challenge with long term bonds is that they tend to fluctuate more because of changes in interest rates. Investing in government debt instruments is safe as they are backed by the full credit and faith of the government. 

You can keep your money here as you concentrate on learning how to start an online business that will generate more revenue. The challenge is only when the inflation is high as it can make you lose your purchasing power. 

Series Bonds 

The government issues savings bonds to individual investors. These bonds secure investors against the adverse effects of inflation within the economy. Therefore, if inflation increases, your pay will also increase as a result. 

On the contrary, if inflation falls, your interest rate will also fall. The adjustment of inflation is reset after every six months. These are among the safest bonds globally especially when it comes to the risk of default. The treasury does not also charge you a commission for purchasing series bonds. 

Short Term Corporate Bonds

Some corporations issue bonds to investors to help them raise working capital. The average maturity of short-term bonds is one year. These instruments are less susceptible to fluctuations in interest rates than the long term or intermediate bonds. 

Corporate bonds are a perfect match for those investors who are in search of cash flow. Perfect examples are retirees or if you would like to reduce the overall risk of your portfolio but still get some returns. 

These bonds are an excellent option for the risk-averse investors. The good news is that they generate more earnings than the government bond funds. 


Are you looking for where to invest your income? The truth of the matter is that there are so many investments out there. However, it all depends on the amount of money that you have and your financial goals. You should also learn to balance between the involved risks and the anticipated gains. The most important thing here is to put your money in the most successful venture.