New Wildness Rewards to Expect in OSRS

Jagex is bringing new rewards to the wilderness, so you’ll be able to earn more OSRS GP per hour if you take the risk.

Wilderness has always been a high-risk, high-reward place for you to enjoy in OSRS. There are bosses you can take on and other players you can kill to make a decent amount of OSRS gold. With the incoming wilderness boss changes, you can obtain even more OSRS GP per hour, but you’ll also face a higher risk.

You’ll be able to group up with your friends to engage the three bosses under rework as a team. The potential to face another team will also be higher, so naturally, the OSRS gold will also be higher. If you’re out there to PK, you’ll never know if you’ll face a solo player, a small group, or a big group doing the boss upon entering a boss layer. You’ll also need to pay 50k OSRS GP to enter the bosses’ layers, so you must be willing to leap into the unknown when entering the layers.

Why the Change?

Out of the six wilderness bosses, the three under rework are those Jagex initially intended as multi bosses: Callisto, Vet’ion, Venenatis. Many players, however, have resorted to soloing them for pets, OSRS gold, and unique items. Because of this, a crucial piece of content that many players love has gone extinct, especially with 2022’s changes to the PJ timer. There are still multi areas, but not as originally intended.

Therefore, to make the wilderness more appealing to more players, Jagex is increasing the rewards you can get from adventuring deep into the wilderness. The bosses will be moved away from the surface of the wilderness and get smaller versions of themselves for players who still want to solo them. The smaller versions will be placed under level 30 wilderness, so you can still teleport out unless you’re teleblocked.

OSRS Rewards to Get

While their full versions will be in multi areas, the solo versions of the bosses will be in single combat areas to keep things exciting and varied. The small versions will still drop the uniques, but the likelihood you see one from them is much slimmer than with the full versions.

  1. Thammaron’s Sceptre

Thammaron’s Sceptre is one of the items that’s getting a rework together with the bosses, making it a much more helpful and valuable drop than it is currently. It will become the first powered staff you’ll be able to use in PvP outside of PvP minigames so that it will keep a piece of the wilderness inside. It will give you plus 15 Magic Attack bonus and a max hit of 25 at 99 Magic.

You will also receive an accuracy and damage boost of 50 percent when fighting NPCs in the wilderness. While wielding the staff, regardless of using the in-built spell or any other spell manually, you cannot use the staff to auto-cast any spells. Whenever you are using any spell while wielding the staff, you’ll be using ether.

  1. Accursed Sceptre

The Accursed Sceptre is a brand new reward and an upgrade of Thammaron’s Sceptre. Use the skull of Vet’ion to upgrade it to the accursed Sceptre with 85 Crafting. It can max hit for 27 at level 99 Magic.

The upgrade also gains a special attack that costs 50 percent of the special attack energy, increasing your max hit by 50 percent and your accuracy by 50 percent and lowering the enemies’ defense and magic by 15 percent. However, it won’t lower them more than 85 percent of the initial value, so it’s pointless to use the special attack twice against the same target unless the target has restored its stats—unless you want to secure a kill with the increased accuracy from the special attack.

  1. Webweaver Bow

This is another upgrade to an already existing item. You’ll need 85 Fletching to upgrade your craw’s bow with the Fang of Venenatis into the Webweaver bow. To use it, you’ll need a 70 Range, which will give you an 85 Range Attack bonus and a 65 Range Strength bonus. That’s ten more range attack bonus and five more range strength bonus compared to the basic version.

The bow will also give you a special attack that costs 50 percent of your special attack energy. You’ll shoot four rapid shots with increased accuracy, which are capped at 40 percent damage each. This will give you a theoretical 160 percent damage if all of them successfully hit your target or 120 percent if only three are successful hits. The successful hits also have a chance to dot your target with poison.

Ursine Chainmace

This is an excellent upgrade for Viggora’s Chainmace. Use the claws of Callisto on Viggora’s Chainmace to upgrade it with 85 Smithing. You’ll need 70 Attack to use it, giving you 71 Crush Attack bonus and 74 Melee strength bonus; that’s 4 more on Crush and 8 more on strength than the basic version. The special attack will consume 50 percent of your energy, but its effects are still under consideration because the feedback from the players made Jagex reconsider its first statement.

Dragon pickaxe

This is an old item that you can only get from the wilderness. However, because of its usefulness and must-have status on any account, many players have been upset that the item is wilderness bound. Therefore, Jagex finally turned their ears to this item and decided to adjust the drop tables.

The plan was to lower the rarity from 1 in 1500  to 1 in 1000. This will give you an alternative if you want to keep it safe and stay out of the wilderness.

Rewards Overview

With the new changes, you’ll be able to obtain more OSRS GP per hour from doing the three bosses for their unique drops. You’ll soon be able to upgrade a few wilderness items and use a fully reworked one. For all the upgrades, you’ll need 85 Smithing, 85 Fletching, and 85 Crafting, but if you don’t, you can still upgrade the OSRS items by paying 500k OSRS gold in Ferox Enclave for an NPC to upgrade them for you. The dragon pickaxe will probably slightly drop in price due to its drop table being changed, but as all of the other methods will still need a big grind, the price change shouldn’t be drastic.