If you want your ceremony to be great and leave an exceptionally positive impression, it is important to have questions to ask wedding videographer before hiring. This will eliminate possible obstacles on the way of your cooperation. The best wedding videographers in Miami work at Vanilla Brides. There are real professionals who are ready to make your celebration memorable.

So, in order for the cooperation to be successful, you need to ask them:

  1. Are you free on the day of our event?

Check your schedule. It makes sense to warn the professional in advance. Many specialists have schedules several months in advance. Obviously, it is difficult to find a free date.

  1. What is your experience? How many videos do you do in a year?

This will allow you to assess the specialist’s competence. Our company employs professionals, and each of them knows his task. Most customers try to choose more experienced videographers, and our employees meet many criteria.

  1. Which of the other wedding organizers do you work with?

For example, it will be an advantage if the employee will have the contact of a decorator, a makeup artist, a presenter. People who have worked in this field for a long time usually have an impressive set of contacts. So, you won’t have to look for many specialists on your own.

  1. Which style do you use for your videos?

This is one of the most important questions to ask your wedding videographer. Some people prefer vintage, others like classic love stories, and others choose documentaries. Here it is very important that the client’s desires, as well as the style of the professional’s work match. The easiest way is to look through a catalog of available works.

  1. What will be required of us at the shoot? Who will have the last word?

It is better to understand in advance whether you will direct the process or you can trust the experience of a professional. As a rule, you have to choose a middle ground. On the one hand, the newlyweds get what they want, on the other – quality and spectacular shots.

  1. What does the cost of your services depend on?

This is another crucial question for understanding further cooperation. Professionals most often have a rate. It directly depends on the number of hours the shooting takes place.

  1. What is the average duration of one shooting process?

Experienced videographers are usually ready to offer several “packages” of services. For example, standard and with various additional “tricks”. The duration of a single shoot usually starts at 4 hours.

  1. Have you collaborated with my photographer?

Of course, such questions for wedding videographer should be asked if there is already a photographer. It will be an advantage if they work together and understand each other well. Then, everything can be captured without any problems.

  1. Do you have weddings scheduled on the same day or during the weekend?

It is preferable that the videographer has a free time gap between shoots. In this case, the cameraman will be able to pay more attention to you. This allows you to get a high-quality and effective result.

  1. What kind of camera do you shoot with? What else do you use when shooting?

The quality of video largely depends on what exactly the professional is using. It is important that he works with a modern camera, lens, other devices that will ensure a clear frame, spectacular picture.

  1. Will there be any additional “chips” available: rear-view cameras, stationary, etc.?

Once you know this, you can understand what the final photo will be like. 

  1. Do you have cancellation conditions?

It is desirable to make a contract beforehand. It is useful in case of various force majeure circumstances. For example, you should know what actions are envisaged in case the celebration is postponed.

The conclusion of a contract at a preliminary stage is a guarantee that the wedding video shooting will be successful. Therefore, agree in advance with the professional what he has to do. In this way, the wedding ceremony will remain on the record and will delight you for a long time to come.