What are Back-lit and Front-lit Acrylic Signs?

The use of acrylic signs for any business boosts exposure, provides familiar recognition, and convenience to the public for sense of direction. It creates that sophisticated look that suits any type of business since it’s one of the most adaptable materials for any kind of sign solution. Considering the fact that custom acrylic signs are cheaper than other types of signage, many establishments in Woburn, MA prefer to use them.

Here in The Sign Doctor, we know that you want to stand out from your competitors, therefore, we offer you something unique which are called back-lit acrylic signs and front-lit acrylic signs.

Back-lit signs and front-lit signs are individual cut acrylic letters which is a type of acrylic business sign that is formed into text and graphics. These are ideal for dimensional signage that can be immediately placed on walls and other surfaces e.g. acrylic wall sign


As the name implies, back-lit custom acrylic signs are manufactured from a clear acrylic piece, that is lighted from behind. LEDs are the main source of light due to their strong brightness, superb display effect, prolonged lifespan, energy efficiency, and weather resistance. Lighting passes through the acrylic back panel to give the signs a beautiful halo effect, a powerful 3D impact, and an eye-catching appearance. Because indoor usage is advised for this type of acrylic sign, this is ideal for acrylic door signs and acrylic wall signs. Back-lit acrylic signs are often used for offices, mall displays, hospitals, or even at the theater. 


Though essentially identical to back-lit acrylic signs, front-lit acrylic signs have a different effect on passersby. Your logo will be more prominently shown because the LED that was installed is in front. Instead of using fabricated metal or fabricated acrylic as the signage shell, front-lit custom acrylic signs use CNC engraved acrylic, which eliminates the imperfection of a hand-made shell. Choose front-lit acrylic signage for your retail site to appeal to your clients and therefore boost increased awareness and, ultimately, revenue.

How Lit-Type Acrylic Signs Can Help Your Business

Always Noticeable.

Lighted signs are eye-catching and vibrant. When nicely done, lit-type acrylic signs help bring in new customers while also improving the appearance and image of your business. The color and appeal of illuminated acrylic business sign is striking especially on winter days in Woburn, MA. With adequate external lighting, your consumers can still quickly recognize your company name and hours, and passers-by are much more likely to glance at your business when it’s bright and distinct.

Assures People’s Safety.

Custom lit-type acrylic signs offer great visibility in emergencies for any situation that calls for alerting people to safety, whether during routine operations, like guiding a visitor through the parking area, or one-time events, like natural disasters. Digital navigation in retail and health care environments provides a simple interface for customers to interactively move with ease, while the bold and bright acrylic business sign serves as a beacon for lost visitors. 

Requires Minimal Maintenance.

Even if your sign is displayed 24 hours a day, you won’t need to worry about replacing your lit-type acrylic wall sign for around 10 years thanks to the incredibly long lifespan of LED lighting provided by The Sign Doctor. For the production of acrylic signs, our team exclusively employs the greatest resources and equipment to provide you with the best quality. 

Woburn, MA’s Trusted Source of Business Acrylic Signs

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