This article will discuss the Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Code along with the various Ultimate Murder Mystery Maps.

Are you a Fortnite Player? Looking for cool codes and cheats? We’ve got you covered. Many players, both from the United Kingdom and elsewhere, are on the lookout for the Fortnite murder puzzle code. These codes enable players to get special items and advantages while playing Fortnite.

This article will detail different Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite.

What is Murder mystery Fortnite and what are its codes?

Different codes can be assigned to different maps. These codes will give players some advantages in completing these modes.

Here are some codes to use with different maps

  • 2775 2697 86114 for The blackout-hunted
  • 0203 96687 0056 To The Nightmare Forest
  • 9736 4845 6318 For Bloody Mines – Murder Mystery
  • 6571 0741 2073 For Pro Murder Mystery
  • 4937 3733 1628 Night Hunter Sacrifice
  • 1893-1509 8081 For Minecraft Murder Mystery
  • 58932263 5834 Murder Swamp
  • Gaming House: 9850 284 2309

Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Maps showing their descriptions

The Blackout Hunted

You must find resources to escape from the master computers if your goal is to survive. As a hunter, your task is to stop the survivors escaping.

Nightmare forest

Find a way to escape from this map. To obtain the gear, you will have to complete certain tasks.

Mystery surrounding the Murder of Bloody Mines –

You will need to protect yourself against the murderer who has abandoned a mine.

Some other Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Maps

Pro Murder Mystery: 8 roles

This map has 8 roles that are different to other maps. You will need to use your unique abilities to win for your team.

Night Hunter Sacrifice

This map is both terrifying and scary. You’ll do your best until dawn to stay alive and safe from the hunters.

Gaming House Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Code

You can have five players on this map. Use your flashlight to locate the Murderers.


This article provides information on the latest codes of Murder Mystery Fortnite. It also explains the codes and where to find them. We also attempt to provide information about the maps and give you an idea on how to play the game. provides more information on Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Game Code.

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