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People from New Zealand (the United Kingdom), Australia, and India like to play the wordle games. Its popularity and numerous features are why wordle is so popular.

Let’s talk about Trode Wordle .

Trode, what is it?

Wordle is a game where players are given words that consist of five-letter words. Recently, it was revealed that the second letters were R and E. Many players have come up with different solutions. Many players have even guessed it to be TRODE.

Many players were confused by guessing the correct answer. Some people correctly predicted it. Others incorrectly guessed the word.

People started searching for the term TRODE when the answer was TROPE. Many people continue to search for the meanings of the word “TRODE”. people can now find the meaning by playing trode Wordle.

The word TRODE can be used in Scrabble. This word is an outdated spelling of trod. The noun trode means tread and is also called footing.

History Of Wordle Game

It is believed that the wordle game was born out of love. Josh Wardle is a software engineer who created the game as his partner enjoyed word games.

The game was popularized by Josh’s family after he and his partner played it for several months.

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Josh decided that the game should be made available to the whole world. The New York Times Company bought the game later.

Play Wordle

Every day, players are presented with a five-letter word they need to guess. Players must visit the website to guess the word. After each guess, the colors will continue to change. The green color signifies that the guess is correct. The yellow color is an indication that the letter has been placed incorrectly. Gray letters are an indication that the letter may be incorrect.

Trode Wordle is a game?

In the wordle, Trode was used for guessing. When the hint was given that the five letter word in the second position contained R and E, many players were able to guess it as TRODE.

The truth of the matter was that TROVE means to treasure something valuable.


This article may have taught you about the wordle games and why the word trode has become a popular word. The tips discussed above will also help you. Even a dictionary can be used to help you guess the word.