This post about Tourtiwi reviews gives all the information about the products available on the site , as well as information about its credibility. Check out our blog for more.

Do you enjoy wearing fashionable clothes? Are you looking to purchase unique and unique fashion clothes? The website we’re going to talk about today has distinctive clothes that you’re looking for. This portal was developed by America. United States.

This Tourtiwi Review Today, we’re going to look at all the details of the services it offers to its customers as well as the credibility of the website. For more details check out the article below.

What is

It’s an online store for shopping , which sells a wide range of types of trendy and fashionable clothing. This site is designed specifically to cater to women’s fashions. They also sell accessories, bags, footwear and many other products. The design and quality of their products are top-quality. The prices of their products are also very affordable.

Because it’s an online shopping site customers would like to be aware of whether Tourtiwi legitimate? We’ve provided some information below to learn more about the credibility of the website.

Necessary Points:

  • Domain’s URL:
  • Domain was created on 09/10/2021
  • Domain expires on09/10/2022
  • Service on Email:[email protected]
  • Address of Company: Room 403, Buliding 1, No. 123, Chuangqiang Road, Ningxia Street, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou.
  • The company phone number: 815622710038.
  • Web-developer’s details Web-based portal has not disclosed any information regarding its web developer.
  • Information on shipping:The web portal delivers the order in 10 to 30 days.
  • Information on free shippingThe website offers free shipping for orders that exceed $89.
  • Information about Standard Shipping:According to the Tourtiwi reviews it is Standard Shipping as a service.
  • Logos of social Media:There isn’t any Social networks logos on their sites.
  • Custom tax:Buyers will have to pay customs duty.
  • Return Information The portal has a return policy of 15 days.
  • Payment Ways: Amex, Visa, Paypal, Master Card, etc.

Pros of

  • It has a variety of payment options to make it easier for customers.
  • It gives its contact number to provide better customer service.
  • It has provided its company address, which is mandatory in the portal online.

Cons of

  • It doesn’t have any social networks accounts.
  • It has not disclosed the contact information of its website creator, which is required for websites that are online.

Is Tourtiwi Legit or Scam Domain?

Their innovative and unique clothing are captivating. However they are also extremely reliable. The quality of their merchandise is impressive, however consumers want to know the quality of their products prior to buying anything from these sites. These tips will assist to establish its legitimacy:

  • The existence of the internet site:It has been created on September 10, 2021. It is new on the market of online services.
  • Phone number: 8615622710038 is its number.
  • Facebook Account Media: There aren’t any logos of social networks on their website.
  • trust ranking:The webpage has a terrible trust index, just 11 percent.
  • The address of the Business:As per the Tourtiwi Reviewsthe address of the company is located in Room 403, Buliding 1, No. 123, Chuangqiang Road, Ningxia Street, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou.
  • duplicate content:It contains 100% identical content that has been copied from another website.
  • rank according to Alexa:The website has an Alexa rank of 1595148 the worldwide site.
  • Service for refund:Refund gets transferred to the customer’s payment mode.
  • A service that’s non-refundable Free Gifts and other products that have labels that aren’t refundable are not refundable.
  • Information on cancelling orders:After the order is shipped, the customer will not be able to take delivery of the order.
  • Services for exchange:Swimwear, Beauty products priced at a discount, as well as bags cannot be exchanged.

Tourtiwi Reviews:

The site does not contain reviews from customers; there is no reviews or feedback are displayed on the web sites. Furthermore, it doesn’t include any social media logos visible on the website. The site’s global Alexa ranking is #1595148 which raises doubts about the credibility and reliability of the site. This is the procedure that customers must followthe following steps: How to Refund Credit Card If Credit Card is Scammed?


The site does not have any prior experience in the online-based marketing sector since it is not able to gain trust from people. The website has a low trust rating, and the site does not have reviews from customers and does not have a social media account as per Tourtiwi Reviews.

Therefore, we recommend that this website is an Scam and that the customers avoid such a site since it could result in fraud. Customers should take a look at: How to Get Refunds on Paypal In the event of fraud? to avoid fraud.

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