Many a times, we do not realise the worth of things till they start giving issues and that holds true for our bones and joints as well. As you grow old, your bones become weaker and less capable of taking pressure which in turn leads to pains in joints. However, with proper care early in life it is possible to prevent joint pains later. 

You may seek help from professionals providing physical therapy Spokane area that aids in proffering support to your joints and caters to any musculoskeletal issues and pains that arises from injuries or otherwise. Experts of physical therapy know just how to help you lead a perfectly healthy life sans joint pains, while guiding you through a good lifestyle. 

As it is said, “Prevention is better than cure”, taking care of your joints now will ensure that you do not suffer from excruciating joint pains as you age. Here are top things and simple changes to bring about in your lifestyle to prevent joint pains later. 

Kick The Butt– It is easier said than done, but if you are a smoker and can garner the courage and determination to quit smoking, then you will know you have won half the race. Smoking not only leads to cardiovascular issues and cancer, it is also responsible for increasing inflammation across your body. It also becomes difficult for your bones to get repaired if you are a smoker. So, if you truly do not wish to be a victim of joint pains, quit smoking at the earliest.

Keep Control Over Your Body Weight– Body weight is one of the major contributors to joint pains. As it is said, every pound that you gain, you actually inflict 4 pounds of pressure on your joints and bones. Make small changes in your lifestyle such as diet and exercises to lose those extra pounds and maintain a decent body weight. Women specially are prone to osteoarthritis and joint pains and therefore, they need to take care of their bones early in their life by incorporating greens, dairy products and proteins in proper quantities in their diet so that they do not end up compelled to be restricted to one place. Making minimal but nutritious addition to your diet can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Supplements like K3 Spark Mineral will help you lose weight and enhance your metabolism rate and energy levels.

Engage In Low-impact Exercises– You may take up weight training, however, if you feel your joints are hurting, switch on to low impact exercises like walking shorter distances, swimming, bicycling and strength training with lesser weights that proffer your muscles with the much required strength. Ensure a proper warming up regime before you start with your stretches or weight training sessions so that your tendons and ligaments loosen up before you start working them fully.

Have Plenty Of Water– Water is the best way to ensure that not only your body but also your cartilage remains hydrated. In fact, when you feel dehydrated, your body first sucks up the water from your cartilage which in turn leads to greater rates of wear and tear. Set up alarms intermittently, if you are a busy bee to drink water and keep a bottle of water handy at all times to sip whenever you feel thirsty. None of the aerated drinks or energy drinks can give you the amount of hydration that plain water can give. Better Body Postures And Mechanics– It helps to keep your postures right in your daily life. Simple things like lifting, carrying loads, sitting for longer periods at the laptop or even picking up something from the ground need to be done with the right body postures so that you do not end up hurting your bones and joints.