Have you planned your journey to Riyadh? It is going to be the journey of a lifetime; there is so much to explore. So that you do not miss the best destinations and so that you have the best experience, we have some recommendations for hotels in Riyadh where you will love staying. Let us get right to it.

Top Historic Destinations in Riyadh

Although there are numerous other places, we suggest these places based on the general recommendations of people who have been to these places. Why should you miss the fun? Just make sure you book hotels that are close to these destinations.

Sky Bridge at Kingdom Center

If you want to see the view of Riyadh from high above, then this is where you need to be. King Tower is Riyadh’s third tallest skyscraper. The Sky Bridge, which is 65-meters long, is on tactfully situated on the fiftieth floor of the King Tower. Standing here at the height of 300 meters above ground, you get a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city. The views during the day and at night are equally stunning. Though, the best time is the night because you get to witness the beauty of the colorful lights in the city.

Adding more to this destination is the Kingdom Center Mall, where you get to shop luxury brands of every kind.

The National Museum

This museum is home to historic artifacts, and it is right next to the popular Murabba Palace. However, it is a modern building and an extension of the King Abdul Aziz Historic Center. Here, you get to see an expansive assortment of things used by the people, which defines the rich Saudi culture. You will old structures, and fossils, learn about the pre-Islamic trade routes and see special items from the Arab Kingdoms. There is an entry for adults, but it is free for children. You will like the audio-visual presentation, which is in both Arabic and English.

Al Masmak Fort

You must not miss the Al Masmak Fort. It is one of the most important and historic sites in Riyadh. The meaning of Masmak is “strong” – and a local legend that says the Kingdom will fall if the fortress walls fall. This amazing destination has been preserved using mudbrick and clay since the 19th century. It plays an important role in the Ibn Saud-led capture of Riyadh city in 1902. The capture sealed the unification of the Saudi Kingdom – so the fortress plays an important part in history and holds a special place. The “Diwan” or sitting room is where you get to appreciate the well-preserved and luxurious furniture and the throne of the king.

A little heads up – there are specific days for singles, females, and families to visit. You would want to check admittance before visiting.

Deerah Souq (a.k.a., Al Thumairi Souq)

This marketplace is situated very close to the Al Masmak Fort and is a great place to visit. You will get to see antiques and the famous gold souq. There are hundreds of shops selling amazing and unique historic artifacts, carpets, and even furniture and clothes. Mind you, not all shop owners speak English so, having a translator or guide may be a good idea. If you speak Arabic, feel free to bargain away and make the best deals.

A little further, about 30 km towards the north of the city center, is the Souq Al Jamal. Interestingly, this souq is a camel market too, which is the largest in the Arabian Peninsula. You can have a look if you are interested in camels.

Murabba Palace and the King Abdul Aziz Historical Center

Visiting the King Abdul Aziz Historical Center lets you have a quick journey into the history of Saudi Arabia. Although the building is a modern one, it depicts Saudi architecture perfectly and authentically. Visiting Murabba Palace is surely worth it. You will get to see the old majlis, abandoned courtyard, and see the collection of historic cars, and even see an old water tower. There is a remodeled mosque that served the palace for several years, which is a site to behold.

Top 5 Hotels in Riyadh You Will Love

There are many places available for you to book, but here are some recommendations to lead you in the right direction. (For more information, you can always visit websites like Almosafer and book hotels of your choice.)

Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh

This hotel is at the Kingdom Center and is about 0.19 km from the city center of Riyadh. It has spacious and cozy hotels with numerous amenities to give you a great experience.

Radisson Blu Hotel Riyadh Qurtuba

Situated at Al Thumamah Road, this hotel is about 15 km from the city center of Riyadh. It is a great spot for you to explore Riyadh and return to rest for the rest of the day.

Hilton Riyadh Hotel & Residences

This hotel is at 6623 Al Shohadaa – Eastern Ring Road, which is about 9.69.6 km from the city center of Riyadh. The rooms are luxurious and designed for your comfort.

Centro Waha by Rotana

This luxurious hotel is at Olaya Street, Al-Murooj District, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is about 5.2 km from the city center of Riyadh, making it an ideal place for you to stay and explore Riyadh.

Braira Al Wezarat

This hotel is at King Abdul Aziz Road, Al Wezarat District, and is 6.2 km from the city center of Riyadh. You will love the rooms and general ambiance here.

With all this information on destinations and hotels, you are set to have a fun trip to Riyadh. Get packing and hit the road!