What happens if your fitness trackers stop working? It is a common problem that happens more often than you may expect. The main reason is that fitness trackers are used regularly. If you own a Fitbit device, you will experience such a problem at some point. However, the most common issue is when your Fitbit Charger3 won’t Turn On. It can be frustrating, but the best thing is to find a solution as soonest possible. You can take it to a Fitbit professional to fix it. However, there are some easy DIY solutions to fix the problem. When your Fitbit charger 3 shows a black or a blank screen or won’t show the clock face, some essential steps can help you find a solution and fix the issue. When the clock face has an issue, it won’t display. However, you can feel the phone vibrating. 

Before you start fixing the problem 

  • Ensure your smartphone is well charged. 
  • Also, have the latest update on your Fitbit app
  • Have a charging cradle where you can complete the last method

Then follow the guidelines to fix your Fitbit charge 3 that is not switching on.

Solution 1: Change and then Reset your Clock Face 

 If you want to change and reset your clock face use the Fitbit app installed on your smartphone. Follow the following steps when changing and resetting the clock face within the app:

Run the Fitbit app

  • Choose your profile, pick charge. 
  • Pick charge 3 option
  • Pick the clock faces option
  • All clocks 
  • Reset by clicking a new clock face 
  • Hit the select button
  • Synchronize your Fitbit clock. 
  • Then check to see that the status bar on the Fitbit charge 3 is synced and changed to the current clock face. Make sure the process is complete. A check mark sign will appear to indicate the process is complete. In addition, your phone will vibrate to indicate the process is complete. 
  • Next, a new watch will display.

Solution 2: Force Restart

When you force your Fitbit charger 3 to restart, this can help to solve many issues. The same steps should apply if you learn How to turn off 5G on Samsung S21 to solve the charging issues. Use the charger and the buttons to force the restart process. Below are the steps to follow when forcing a restart on the Fitbit charger 3.

  • Put the Fitbit inside the charging cradle. Then do a continuous press and hold on to the charger’s reset button.
  • Ensure that charge 3 is secured and not moving around in the charging cradle. Listen for a snap sound to indicate the proper placement in the cradle. Continuously press the reset button until a happy face sign appears. 
  • Try in the interval of 10-15 sec, and if it doesn’t work, try again after 15-20 seconds. Be patient because you might have to try many times before the happy face appears. 
  • Next, when the happy face appears, release the reset button. The Fitbit charger 3 should start working correctly. 

Whenever your smartwatch displays a black screen, the above guidelines can help you fix the Fitbit charger 3 to have your device working again. Likewise, you can follow the same steps when learning How to turn off 5G on Samsung S21.