This article contains detailed information about Quordle and tips for solving it. You can also get Tithe Wordle.

All are welcome to play in the game. Do you have any questions about other types or puzzles? Do you want to solve four puzzles in a very short time frame? Are you familiar with Quordle or have you read about it? You did a search for it. Have you found any information on the game, including hints and tips?

Puzzles are a popular pastime for people from India, Canada, Australia and the United States. View the Tithe Wordle.

Clues & the Answer for the Quordle

TITHE stands for “one-tenth annual earnings”, previously used to pay a tax in support of clergy and Church.

  • The day’s words start with the letters R., S., M., and T.
  • The last letter in the words is YE, T, or C.
  • The first clue is to send money.
  • The second word is the clue. It means to be in Shabby Condition.
  • This plant is the key to the third clue.
  • The clue to the fourth word is TITLE Definition. In the past it was taken to support the clergy and church. It was applied to a tenth or annual earnings.

It is difficult to do this! With these hints, I hope people have solved this puzzle. The first, second, and third words each contain two vowels. The second word only has one. This bonus hint is for all the words that are complex. For those who are curious, here are the answers.

The Quordle’s solution is:

Is there a Tithe Word for ?

Four answers are available for the Quordle, including the Tithe, which is a word. You can find its definition above. Here are some tips for playing the Quordle. Wordle, the world’s most popular word game, is now available. Quordle takes Wordle’s formula and adds some new features. It takes six guesses to identify a five letter word in Wordle. Quordle has a similar design, except that you must make four guesses simultaneously rather than individually. A game with many complexities requires guidance. You can find the answer by using hints.

Tithe Wordle

Freddie Meyer introduced the Quordle around January. Because it only has four words, most people began playing the game.


The investigation revealed that the Quordle can be considered an enhanced Wordle. It is more challenging than the regular puzzles, which allows players to solve four words at once. Instead, hints simplify and speed up the process of finding answers.

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