If you are new to yoga or have moved to another city and looking for a yoga studio, this can be tough as there are so many present. You may not know the best one which can make you feel relaxed and pursue your yoga effectively. You will be looking for a yoga studio which actually feels like home. It should be a space where one can retreat to and feel safe in. You should keep in mind that some cities may have vibrant yoga scenes where there are many choices. On the other hand some cities may have a less established yoga community that you will need to search carefully for a yoga studio. 

The following are some steps to help you find a yoga studio close to where you are:

Dry different studios

There may be some yoga studios which provide trial options for the new students. They may give you your first class or week that is for free. You can try out different studios in a safe and also affordable way to check out new studios prior to committing to any. You can experience the various yoga disciplines and also teaching styles which are present at the studio. 

You should not become intimated if there are some styles of yoga which you are new to. You should ask the studio for details if you are unsure about ways to prepare for any class. 

Experience yoga instructors

Many studios give a list of the instructors they have and also their biographies concerning their personal beliefs along with teaching styles. You can get to know about the instructor. It is a good idea to experience the yoga instructors by attending their class. 

Keep in mind that the connection you have with the instructor may sometimes be more necessary than the style of yoga that you practice. When you experience the instructors, you can choose one which inspires you. If you find a good instructor, you can even follow them to various studios.


You can look for recommendations online. Social media can help you here when looking for a new yoga studio. 

For instance you can look on Facebook to find local yoga communities. You can reach out to your friends and even local yoga groups to look for studio choices and get some suggestions. Instagram can be a wonderful place to look for yoga teachers as well as yoga practitioners. You can find the ones that resonate with you and find out where they are teaching. 

You can consider yoga studios with Kaya Health Clubs for instance when looking for a yoga studio. It is important to find a yoga studio which has good and professional instructors who can make the yoga experience be amazing. Do your research carefully so that you find something that you like. You should take out time to visit the yoga studios so that you can check them out for yourself. Ask the cost of the classes as well and do not opt for the cheapest or most expensive one before researching on it carefully.