If you’ve used accessories before, you know that the right choice can take a costume from average to amazing. However, most people don’t know how to match costumes and accessories, thus ruining their looks. Accessorizing cop costumes the right way makes you look good and complements your looks.

Consider Color

Accessories add polish to a cop’s costume, but they can easily be misused or mishandled. This means they will clash with the costume instead of complementing it. So, be keen when choosing colors to look stylish and coordinated. Also, if a costume is patterned, wear patterned accessories to create cohesion and ensure nothing stands more than the other.


Accessories can define your style. A 2022 Halloween costume collection can look completely different depending on the accessory’s choice. However, look in the mirror after choosing accessories and edit your choice. You can always take one accessory off if you feel it is taking attention from your costume or overwhelming it.

Create Balance

Another trick to match the sexy cop costume for women with accessories is to create balance. If you go for a larger necklace, mix it with smaller accessories to create balance. This way, you’ll give your costume or accessory the right attention.

Get a Statement Accessory

Accessorizing costumes is difficult, so a quick tip is picking a single statement piece. For instance, if you have candy-colored sunglasses, focus on showing them off. You can choose a neutral color to complement your skin tone. You can also get a straw bucket hat for sun protection or a pair of fabulous heels.

From cop’s belts with pouches, glasses, and handcuffs to police hats, cops’ costumes symbolize authority and honesty. If you’re a fashionista, you know that every costume looks better when paired with some accessories. Always consider your style and color and try to create a balance between the costume and the accessories.