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For those who do not know, tennis is a sport loved by the British royal family and it gradually became popular with people all over the world. If you try to play Tennis World Open 2021 MOD APK, you will understand why this sport is so attractive.

Introduce about Tennis World Open 2021

Enjoy exciting tennis matches with 3D graphics!

Tennis World Open 2021 is a game worth playing if you have a special passion for tennis

My father likes tennis. When I asked why he liked that sport, he couldn’t explain it, only knowing that the feeling of tirelessly running after a small ball in the middle of a beautiful and spacious tennis court made the feeling very addictive. When it rains or he is tired and can’t play a few games with his friends, he’s very sad.

tennis world open 2021 mod apk

Now he has switched to another leisurely and more age-appropriate sport (biking every morning), but he still has a passion for tennis. I don’t know why he loves tennis so much. But after playing Tennis World Open 2021, I understood the reason. Now, I always watch the Australian Open with him and often talk to him about tennis and check the tournament schedule with him.

The most realistic tennis game I’ve ever known

Tennis World Open 2021 is a 3D sports game that simulates tennis matches with famous players in real life.

When playing this game, you not only stop at leisurely friendly matches but you will have a lot of matches to show off your skills and techniques. Of course, to get excellent skills and dare to challenge the super-smart AIs, you have to practice from the beginning.

You not only need skills but also have your unique strategy. 16 intense matches in countries around the world are waiting for you. Play, experience, apply what you’ve learned before, and use your tactical mind to judge the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses. You may not be the best from the start, but if you quickly integrate, follow the rules, and learned maneuvers with flexibility in each match, then quickly, you will be the champion.

The game is also for beginners to learn about tennis

Don’t be afraid to play Tennis World Open 2021. Because you won’t be swimming alone in a mess of rules and tournaments. The game offers a tutorial system for beginners. You will practice and start from the simplest operations such as serving, determining the direction of the ball, swinging the racket, catching the ball to more complex activities such as hitting the ball with two hands, hitting the ball with the non-dominant hand, advanced racquet control skills… With all the knowledge in Tennis World Open 2021, you can understand about 70-80% of the tennis rules in real life after playing this game.

The world’s most famous players 2021

You will meet all of the world’s most popular tennis players whose names have familiar in all major matches over the past few years like Novak Djokovic (Serbia), Andy Murray (United Kingdom), Stan Wawrinka (Switzerland), Rafael Nadal (Spain), Kei Nishikori (Japan), Milos Raonic (Canada), Roger Federer (Switzerland), Gael Monfils (France), Tomas Berdych (Czech Republic), Dominic Thiem (Austria). Not only can you see them compete right on your phone screen, but you will control these legendary characters in exciting matches.

Besides, it also helps the players to promote their energy and skills to the maximum. Can’t you just watch your favorite idol player become a constant loser in the game?

3D graphics have never been so realistic

The image in Tennis World Open 2021 will be an attractive thing for any player. You will witness lifelike 3D images like watching a match on TV. The character is all top tennis players, if you’ve ever known about tennis before, you can guess who it is just by looking at their face.

The drop of the ball on each match was very smooth. Drop, bounce, smash, rotate… everything around this magical ball simulates physics very well. You will feel like you are playing a real tennis match when playing this game.

MOD APK version of Tennis World Open 2021

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money (not decrease)
  • Unlocked All Tournaments in Career

Download Tennis World Open 2021 MOD APK for Android

The matches are also exciting with the sound of enthusiastic cheers from the audience, endless applause, and a series of lively effects. You now play tennis directly, not just sitting at home watching a gentle friendly match on the TV screen anymore. What are you waiting for without experiencing real-life tennis at Tennis World Open 2021?