It is no wonder that the Worlde game gained the most popularity in just a few hours. If you’re a fervent player of the Wordle game and wish to try similar games we’ve have the game for you. There are a variety of options to Wordle games such as Nerdle, Hurdle, Wordle Unlimited and many more. Sweardle is among the most popular alternatives played in countries such as those of the United KingdomAustraliaCanada and the United States.

Within this post, we’ll go over everything regarding Sweardle Wordle.

about Sweardle

Sweardle is a word-guessing game. The website’s owner isn’t identified as the owner wishes to remain completely anonymous. According to this game was designed as a joke parody of Wordle. The players are required to make guesses of four words instead five.

While the rules are the similar to that of the wordle game, there’s some difference in the gameplay. It differs from other games, such as it is in Sweardle gameplay. Instead of guessing words from everyday life you must guess swear words. The players will be given only four chances to figure out the correct swear word of the day.

How do you use HTML0 to Sweardle Game ?

If you visit the game’s website and click on the game’s homepage, the interface for the game will be displayed where you can type the word you think is a swear word.

When you press “go” Your word will be sent. The blocks will be displayed in colors that can provide clues about the word you need to enter.

You are allowed to submit your guesses just four times, therefore players must be smart.

Where can you take on the Sweardle?

Following the inspiration of the Wordle game There are many game designers who have created similar games. It isn’t easy for some players to locate their way to the official website. Players can play the game on the official website( of the Sweardle.

The game Sweardle Wordle, every day, players be given a new word. According to the Sweardle owner some words may cause a ruckus among players, since it is an interactive guessing of swear words game. There are approximately fifty swear words being used, along with a selection of not using sexist, Racist, or homophobic terms.

The rules for Sweardle

  • The green color will indicate how the word is in its correct position and in the right position.
  • The yellow color indicates that the word is comprised of this letter, however the letter is not in the correct position.
  • The Grey color indicates that the letter isn’t part of the word within the Sweardle Wordle.
  • Previous Sweardle answers include DAMN, HUMP, DUMP, etc.

These are the nitty-gritty things that will allow players find the term ‘word’


It is a simple game to play. The game can be played every day for a maximum of four chances each day. The game is played with the same rules similar to Wordle. Wordle game, however, players must be able to identify swear words within the Sweardle. The game is played through the official website that is part of Sweardle.