Spruce up

Home is a sanctuary for all. This place of comfort and oneness is the epitome of bliss that people look forward to returning to at the end of the day. It is, therefore, imperative to adorn your house with just the appropriate furniture, furnishings, decor and art.

Like most other things, when it comes to furniture, not one size fits all. This means that rooms must be furnished as per their size, colour and design. Only then will the house look balanced in terms of comfort as well as aesthetics.

And then, of course, comes the cost factor, which cannot be ignored. If you have bought a new house, then it might not be possible for you to buy an entire set of new furniture. In such cases, second-hand furniture of good quality might serve your purpose. Or if you are hell-bent on buying only fresh furniture, then try taking a furniture loan. Taking furniture on EMI would be way more manageable, rather than spending hefty sums of money in one go.

Segregating the furniture as per the room would simplify the task. Here are some tips for picking up the appropriate furniture for each room in your house.

Living room

Warm, inviting, and very lively! This is what a living room must reflect; after all, the family members have to live in it. If the room is low on space, choose smaller and lighter sofas, tables and lounges. Stick to sleek furniture and hues like peach, white, cream and pastel greens. Curtains should be decorative but not over the top. Wooden furniture, combined with some potted plants kept at the corners, could add a touch of serenity too. In case the living room is large, go for fluffy carpets and rich curtains, which would provide a more wholesome look to the room.


Colour your kitchen vivacious by using yellows, oranges and reds. Gas stoves with multiple burners are being used these days extensively simply because of their fantastic utility. So, get one for your kitchen. Apart from your food processors, juicers, toasters, ovens and other appliances, try putting wall hangings which reflect your philosophy for food. Also, pictures which trigger appetite and taste buds can be innovative too.

Dining space

The heart rests where the home is at. And home is incomplete without the gathering of family over a shared meal. Just like the kitchen, the dining space of the house is another area of the house that forms the core base for many memories that are created over shared meals. Unlike the food-prepping areas of the house, a dining space must be brightly lit and inviting. The addition of bright and boldly coloured items to the walls and surfaces creates a favourable ambience and has a positive effect on the brain. Add a splurge of freshness and nature by placing vibrant flowers by picking out some blooms from a reliable flower delivery in Patiala service. The addition of artwork, photo frames and collages will further enhance the appeal of this room and radiate a positive aura.


After a gruelling day, you wish to retire for the night in a calm and relaxing bedroom. A small room should not be stuffed in with a large bed, and else no other furniture could get space in the same. It would be nice to put an armchair or a bean bag at the side, with a sleek reading table and a lamp. Just the perfect environment to curl up with a book before hitting the bed at night. However, avoid putting the TV in the room and use colours like mint green, ice blue, baby pink and mauve.


Fresh aqua blues and sea greens always add a dash of remarkable freshness. Bathrooms should reflect a certain amount of fun quotient. Wall decals with refreshing aqua themes would add a new dimension to this place, like mermaids, ocean scenes and others. Hot tubs and bathing tubs for big spaces, while groovy showers for the mini spaces would be ideal. Choose anti-slippery tiles in order to ensure safety. Decorating the bathrooms in a way which delights the users adds a different dimension to your everyday life.